A December Life Update | Blogmas Day 18

We've only got a week left of blogmas, and so I thought I'd write a little update, rather than a sort of churned out featured Christmassy post, about December 2017.

First things first, blogmas has been bloody hard. Working full time and blogging full time makes you realise how people do this for a living, I am literally doing two full time jobs right now and although I'm loving it, I think it's also taking its toll. But, we're on 18 days straight of posting blogs and that is probably (although don't hold me to it) the longest I've ever kept blogmas up for, so I'm extremely pleased!

On top of blogmas, if you didn't know, I'm also filming and editing a weekly vlogmas. Alice's Antics the blog is always my main priority, so I thought I'd vlog daily snippets and combine them into weekly vlogs instead. I'm actually really loving it at the moment as it's such low pressure, and the one coming out tomorrow features my family festive Christmas tree day, which I know I'll be watching for years! It just makes me warm and tingly and I feel like vlogmas is for the vlogger as much as the audience, that's why so many people do it!

Christmas presents are BOUGHT! HOORAY! Because of my life-online pseudo, I often feel a lot of pressure to buy incredible presents. It seems everyone does? And although I wish with all my heart I could spend £2000 on presents, the reality is, I'm a part-time blogger trying to save money. I know people only post their highlights on social media so it's so important not to get bogged down, but Christmas is one of the worst times for comparing with what people have bought each other. I don't even care about myself and what I receive, it's just the pressure of what I've bought other people, I think because I'm trying to save money, I'm really feeling that more than usual this year.

If you (like me) work in retail, you might (like me) have been celebrating Christmas for nearly two months now, but as the last week countdown begins, I'm starting to feel so christmassy. I LOVE it when customers wish me merry christmas, and this week three different customers have bought drinks for strangers! Two of them for homeless people, and one for the stranger next to her. All in the name of Christmas spirit.

I LOVE this time of year, I half feel like I never want it to be over... but a month today I'll be sat on a plane on my way to Sydney, so it's not all bad!

How are you guys finding December 2017?

Love, Alice x


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