2017, The Year of Change

If you've read Alice's Antics for a little while, you'll know that at the end of each year I like to do a couple of blog posts reflecting on and summarising the last 365 days, and what I feel has been central to the year. Last year was the year of Friendship, 2015 the year of Me, 2014 the year of Growing Up and 2013 the year of Travel. This year, it has been the year of Change.

I'm sure in years to come, there will be more monumental changes in my life. Children, marriage, engagements, moving in. But as far as I am concerned, this year has been the biggest 'oh my god what are you DOING' year of my life so far. The biggest roller coaster, sometimes literally having no idea where I'll be in the next couple of weeks. I went from University, to London life, to France, to Home and very soon it will be to Australia.

2017 had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I graduated from university, finally feel like I'm the most confident, happy and free I've felt in years. My graduation was, without a doubt, the best day of my life so far. From waking up with my friends and donning our hats and gowns together, to sitting at a table overlooking the River Thames with my family and Alvaro, to sitting with my housemates until the early hours, dissecting our lives and how far we've come. At the time, I was in my London public relations job, secretly knowing I was about to hand in my notice but too terrified to let anyone know, but it lead to me quitting my job to move back home with my parents.

In September, I lost one of the most incredible people in my life, Dean. Who moved mountains and spread light and laughter and wisdom wherever he went. I think it's really easy when people die, to look back on them through beautiful rose tinted glasses, but the truth is, I couldn't say a bad word against the man who protested against and stood up for the LGBTQ+ community like nobody I've ever known. And still I am lucky enough to have memories sat on Weymouth beach eating sushi together, and walking through the 2012 Olympic Village in awe of our 16-year-old-lives. Yet despite the heartache and the giant hole in both the LGBTQ+ community, and what felt like the whole world, hundreds of people came together for a memorial concert featuring Years and Years in London, and despite everything, his close friends and family walked out of his funeral smiling through tears, drinking wine, singing Whitney and making new friends, I have no doubt Dean wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

2017 was here there and everywhere in the best and worst ways. One of my close friends announced she was ENGAGED (immediately we set up a joint pinterest board from our group chat), and then counter that with that week in March when my WHOLE university household got nits and we spent 7 days confined to our house, combing through each others hair. Or that time when I drunk too much red wine by myself and decided to cut my own hair. Luckily, most of the lower moments have been countered by things like my trip to Disneyland Paris in June, and my Harry Potter centred week in London. Even sitting around the table with my family at Christmas dinner, playing games and laughing until our stomachs hurt. Nits is a small price to pay for those kinds of moments.

In blogging life, I did exactly what I set out to do. I fell back in love with blogging. Okay, so maybe we didn't quite manage to do all of blogmas (yet again) but asking me to do 18 days of blogging straight this time last year would have made me laugh at you. Instead, I can't wait to get home and write. I love writing schedules, and thinking of what more exciting things are planned. We even stretched into Alice's Antics on Facebook, AND Alice's Antics on Youtube stepped up a notch, which I hope goes even further in 2018, as I blog and vlog my adventures.

2018 will be a first for me. It's going to be the first full year in my living memory, when I have no plans. No idea what to expect. It's one, giant, blank book, with a flight booked to Sydney on January 18th. Who knows where I'll be this time next year. Who even knows where I'll be for my 23rd birthday in June? It's simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying thought to have. But if 2017 was the year of change, let's make 2018 the year of action.

For the first time in seven years, I've decided to not go out this New Year, and instead will be sitting inside with a cheese board, champagne (ok, prosecco) and one of my best friends both in our pyjamas to see in the New Year. And I am SO excited for it, does that make me old?  Whatever you're doing this New Year, I hope you have a wonderful evening and see in a 2018 full of love, hope and excitement over the next 365 days!

Happy New Year!

Love, Alice x

(I've included some photo highlights of my year below as a 2017 for both you and myself)