In Fair Verona...

On sunday, myself and Alexandria decided it was time once again to leave our little Parmesan town and venture into Italian life elsewhere. Her 'host mum' was off to a giant convention in Verona, and although I went there for an afternoon a few years ago, we were so so excited to be offered a ride to the city, even if it did mean leaving at 7am!

Knowing what a lazy human being I am, the night  before I packed up my bag, set out all of my clothes and chose my make up. So that in the morning I would spring out of bed at the sound of my alarm at 6:15 and would throw on my clothes, down some coffee and run down to meet Alexandria. But as with all events in my life, things did not at all go to plan. I set my alarm the night before on my phone, and as it later died, I left it to charge next to my bed before sleeping. The next thing I know, I am waking up from day light seeping into my apartment through the blinds, and my phone has not charged. My heart literally plummeted and I started having a bit of a breakdown, when I got up my laptop and googled, yes googled what time it is in Itay, and saw it was 7:11am. (Side note- my laptop is extremely broken and old and doesn't display the correct time, hense googling it). Things were not going well. I literally threw on my clothes and flew down the stairs in the hopes that by some miracle, Alexandria and her host mum had not left without me. I ran down and bumped straight into a panicked Alexandria who at 7am, had pressed every button in my building to force her way into my apartment to wake me up. True friendship. 

But we made it.

The day was full of being absolute tourists. We walked around the city, went to Juliet's Balcolny (and even went up it), we took a lot of pictures, stopped for some amazing vegan juice made of raw fruit and vegetables, and as we decided to follow the river as a guide, most of the day was spent bursting into 'Just Around the River Bend'. I'd LOVE to say we dined on some classic Italian cuisine, but we discovered a sweet shop I remembered from last time I was there, loaded ourselves with bags of 'train sweets' (sweets for the train journey) and ended on a trip to McDonald's, feeling absolutely exhausted and craving chips.

I'm sorry about the mismatch of pictures, I just wanted to fit so many in without you scrolling and scrolling! Despite the fairly dreary look of the weather in the pictures, it was actually 25' and as a true Brit, I spent a lot of my day complaining about the heat. In the background of the first picture is a hill with a castley-church surrounded by trees, and every time I looked at it I couldn't help but think of Disney Kingdom's, so I spent all day calling it a Kingdom. Towards the end of the day, I dragged Alexandria up it and the last several pictures (besides the picture of the Kingdom from the river) are taken from a 'Secret Garden' we found after a climb. So worth it!

All in all it was a top day. We even had time for a little read in the main square... I'm currently reading the Divergent series and am addicted! Next post I promise you all a normal, opinions, life advicey, moany post, but I thought today might be nice to show you a bit of where I live and what I do occasionally!

Ciao for Now! x


  1. I'm so jealous... sounds like you had an absolutely brilliant day

  2. Hii!! I love your bloog! Mine is similar, maybe you can check it out!
    Btw, I also have a Youtube channel (:

    Xoxo, Carla

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