A Christmas Would You Rather | Blogmas Day 17

It's currently 11pm at night, I got in from work and CRASHED, and I kind of think 'tag' posts on blogs are basically the same as a Q&A from a vlog, people love reading them, but there isn't much substance and it's usually when the creator is all out of ideas for one day/week. And I am happy to admit that right now, that is 100% true. But I want to keep blogmas up, so I found a cute lil festive tag for me to answer in the meantime, and as it turns out, I think I prefer this to the 'Sweater Weather' tag all bloggers ever seem to do! 

  1. Quality Street or Roses? Controversial, but I'm a Quality Street gal... I LOVE NestlĂ© chocolate and am a huge sucker for the green triangles, so Quality Street is actually my favourite kind of ALL the tinned chocolates!
  2. Real tree or artificial tree?
    A real one! I love the smell and the whole process of going out and searching through all the trees and finding your family tree and decorating it. I love real christmas trees, I don't know how you wouldn't? This year is the first year in ages we've had an artificial one and even though it's beautiful, it hurts my heart a little bit.
  3. Love Actually or The Holiday? –Oh God. Love Actually. I love Jude Law in his specs, but will anything beat the large number of turtlenecks and Emma Thomspon's crying scene and the 'you're perfect' cards scene????? Never.
  4. Snow at Christmas or no snow at Christmas? –I'd love to have snow just for one Christmas Day... but otherwise I'm more than happy with frost on the ground. Snow is fatal to people as clumsy as I am, and although I love snow, I hate the brown slush which follows.
  5. Dress up on Christmas day or stay in your pjs? I've always had family round, or gone to a family members house for Christmas Day, so we always dress up. Getting a new outfit on Christmas Day to change into has always been a bit of a tradition, so I'd have to say getting suited and booted! We aren't the family who sits around watching TV specials, we play games, eat too much cheese and sing Christmas Karaoke until 2am.
  6. Christmas pudding or trifle? 
    Ideally neither. But if I had to choose, it'd be Christmas pudding, just because it's not really Christmas if you don't have a slither.

  7. Shopping online or in a store?
    Christmas is just about the only time I'd ever say 'in a store'. I love making a day out of doing the majority of my Christmas shopping. Going into a big town, (for the last 4 years it's been Windsor - London is way too overwhelming), doing all of my shopping with a big old list, and sitting down in a coffee shop feeling very accomplished, accompanied by a hot chocolate.
  8.  The Grinch or Elf?
    ALWAYS The Grinch. I only watched Elf for the first time in about 10 years last week.

  9. Have christmas every five months or every five years? 
    I think I'd rather have it every five years, just because it would make it even more special and exciting. I love Christmas being annually though, no more or less than that please!

  10. Get lots of small presents or one large present?
    This depends really, probably one big present as I'm not that bothered about presents anymore and I'd much rather have one thing which is really useful than lots of little bits I'll forget about.

I hope you're all getting in the festive spirit!

Love, Alice x