The BEST Wrapping Paper Around This Year | Blogmas Day 16

The only thing for me, more exciting than actually giving and receiving presents, is wrapping them. I LOVE wrapping presents, and at Christmas time I like to make a real little session of it, sticking on a Christmas film (this year it was The Holiday), getting all of the 'equipment out', having a glass of mulled wine, and just taking my sweet sweet time. I'm sort of sad that I didn't shop around more this year for my wrapping, but I was on a tight budget and came across some sensational wrapping paper in POUNDLAND (I know I know), which had the 12 Days of Christmas on it and tiny little sketches. I was so impressed I grabbed three rolls, and since I'm saving money for Australia, I was very happy with my decision to save. However, if you do have a little bit more to spare, I have found the most wonderful wrapping paper ideas for you! 

5. Moons
6. London

Love, Alice x