Things I Know Now

In my two decades on this planet, I have learnt a few things. Some of them came through errors and mistakes, others I just adopted, but I feel some of the lessons I've learnt have almost become vital to who I am today. For instance, I haven't mixed sambuca with anything ever since that incident where me and Ruth got stranded in Exeter and ended up calling her boss to come and collect us. 

That was a lesson well learnt. 

I'm a bit of an advice guru for the people in my life. I'm not sure how it came about, clearly I just emit a radiance of wisdom, much to my parents dismay I'm sure. But I thought I'd share with you the important lessons I wasn't taught by my parents, but that I taught myself. In fact, I'm not even going to number this list. It's a special, life advice titled one instead.

Your gut is always screaming at you for a reason
And no, I don't mean your hunger gut.  If you have a particular feeling towards someone or something, and you can't put your finger on why, most of the time you'll find out. Intuition is an absolute gift and it wouldn't exist if we were meant to ignore it. Sometimes it comes from experience of ignoring your gut instinct, to know you were right all along, but save yourself the heartache and just go with how you feel, you'll be right far more than you're wrong.

 Never be afraid to be the one who loves the most
Did you vom? Understandable. But this bit is important so read it and reread it until you fully understand. I feel like at the moment there's a bit of a fashion to be cold and show no emotion and God forbid you send the first message on Tinder or smile at someone on the tube. And to me, that's actually quite sad. Life's too short to talk to every person you walk past, but if you really, honestly like somebody, why should you suppress that? The part which goes hand in hand with this little tidbit is knowing when to move on and find somebody who is truly worthy of your love. Because not everybody will be. 

Realise only about 10% of under 30's really know what the hell they're doing 
Ah, the quarter-life crisis. My current life dilemma is do I want to be a lawyer or a film makeup artist? Which speaks volumes about myself. I've always envied people who grew up knowing they wanted to be a doctor or a fireman. But the truth is, most of us just land here. I haven't met many adults who hate what they do, so for the most part, it's important to just get on with life and eventually, hopefully, you'll find your place. Even if it's a million miles from where 18 year old you thought you'd be.

Sometimes it's okay to give second chances
Even in the relationship world. People are selfish and God knows, we all make mistakes. There's a big difference between someone who made the wrong life choice once and instantly regrets it, and the bad humans of the world. It can be hard to differentiate them, and your natural instinct should always be to protect yourself and those you love, but sometimes giving second chances can work out for the best. 

You're more likely to regret what you didn't do, than to regret what you did
Mega lol but I actually read this quote in reference to tattoos. I've decided you can apply it to all aspects of life though, and I regularly tell myself these words. Unless you're an awful human, the chances of you regretting what you did on your deathbed are pretty slim. But think of all the opportunities and choices you've made, which have lead to something more. None of those would have happened, had you turned them down in the first place. Or, if you do apply this to tattoos and do regret it, you can get that camel on your toe lasered off. 

Figure out what makes your confidence soar 
THIS. This girls, is your secret weapon through it all. Job interviews, dates, those days where you want to curl up into a ball and sob your way through all of Leonardo DiCaprio's films but have to get up and do life. Clearly not talking from experience, ahem. Find out what makes you feel fanbloodytastic. Whether it's a pair of special matching underwear (a rare treat, let's v face it) or putting on red lippy to make yourself feel like the queen of sass, even little things like having fully painted nails make me feel that little bit more ready to face the day.

Make your own decisions, for you, and only you
Ah, the age old living to please. Sometimes, you do need to put others first. I am completely aware of that, however, when you're waking up everyday to go to work or university and you absolutely hate it. Think about why you're in that place. And if it's not because you want to be there, change your life path. Find something you love. If you want to be an actor and people

Know when it's okay to put an end to things
Sometimes you have to take the high road. This doesn't just apply to friendships and relationships, this applies to knowing when things are not possible or shouldn't continue. After weeks of stressing with my parents about where to find £18,000, I decided to officially withdraw from Washington. When my friend was talking to a Tinder match for two months with no avail, she decided it was time to move on. There's a thin line between giving up, and knowing when's the right time to stop something in its tracks. Neither makes you a loser, but if you put all of your time and effort and love into something and can't find a solution, or get nothing back, you should change direction and focus all of that on something which will repay you equally.

I hope you're liking these full lifestyle posts. I've had a hella' lot of traffic recently and I think it's probably to do with the consistent posting plus the style of said posts. So I'll take it as a good sign. Who knew great things could come out of being immobile eh!

Ciao for Now!


  1. THIS was amazing! Really needed it today.

  2. Such good advice! I've felt in such a rut today and this blog has definitely helped me put things in perspective :)

    1. I mean every word of everything I publish and I know exactly how hard it is when you're stuck in a bit of a life rut so I'm glad this helped a bit! :)

  3. Damn it Alice, you can't post this just after I posted my 21 things post! You do this wisdom/life advice thing so much better than I can!


    1. No because you have a whole 4 more months of wisdom on me and also yours is a numbered list whereas mine is a babble of words u feel me xxxxxxxx

    2. Still want to be you always xxxxxxxxx

  4. I always read your posts trying to understand how much attention you deserve! Your words are beautiful, and your articles are, as usually, awesome!