Take Me Away

It's fair to say, I'm a bit of a natural explorer. The thought of travelling the world makes me feel giddy, going to places hard to get to, seeing things so few people have seen. And despite enjoying university, there's always the piece of me which feels dissatisfied. Itching to just get out there and explore the world.

This whole feeling of exploring and adventures is maximised x1123928 when I'm not even able to walk into town at the moment. Which is probably why I've found myself spending hours, literally hours, on pinterest. The home of couch explorers. So on this cold, wet and clearly bloody miserable Wednesday evening, I thought I'd mentally transport you all to some of the places I most want to travel.

(Clockwise from top left)

Myanmar: Until recently, visiting Myanmar (Burma) wasn't on my travel list at all until someone I know travelled around it, posting photos which made me see the country in a whole new light and ending up making me so jealous I wanted to cry. Myanmar is a phenomenal country with so much history, and seeing all of the beautiful photos made me want to hop on a plane the next day.

Paris: When you think of exploring, Paris is probably a bit close to home to be conventional, but I've never been to Paris (except Disneyland aged 8) and I am desperate to go! The cobbled streets and up the eiffel tower, going to parts under the radar and exploring the city as a local rather than a tourist. It's not a huge stretch for me to go, especially with a train connection from London, but for some reason I just haven't gotten to Paris yet, and Paris is always a good idea..

Thailand/South East Asia: Thailand, the classic gap yah location. South East Asia generally is a bucket list destination for me, but the photo above of the festival of lights, is something I could see and die happy. I'm not really a drugged tiger/elephant riding type of gal, but the Islands, the temples and the variation of things to do, makes Thailand right up there on places I want to visit. 

Barcelona: Another European city! For some reason, I have little to no interest in going to Spain, I'm not sure why but it's just never appealed to me the same way other local countries do. I'd never turn down a ticket obviously, but I don't think it's somewhere I'd plan to go to over other destinations. Having said all of this, I am desperate to go to Barcelona! A city next to the beach, what's not to love really? Having travelling friends on Facebook really does open your eyes to the other side of city escapes, and the viewpoints above Barcelona are quite frankly, unrivalled in Europe.

South America: I decided to generalise this instead of singling out Machu Pichu, because I literally want to go all over South America. South America is probably most renowned for its vibrant colours and I have to confess the festivals and general latino life is definitely what attracts me to South America. 

St Lucia: When I was about 9 I learnt about the St Lucia banana plantation. I have no idea if it's like on the curriculum or anything, but when my Aunt visited the year I'd studied, I was obsessed. I'm pretty sure anyone who studies it has a secret love for St Lucia, and don't get me wrong the general caribbean life is one I'd love to visit, but St Lucia has a special place in my heart for 9 year of Alice. 

Bali: I spend more time googling flights to Bali than is healthy. And Bali is probably, definitely, top, #1 spot on my where to visit list. Go and Pinterest search Bali. If you haven't looked up flights by the time you stop browsing, I'll pay you some Alice's Antics currency. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. If I went, I'd want to do it properly and visit neighbouring Lombok and the Gili Islands, and maybe never ever come back.

I'm fully aware I went a bit Eat, Pray, Love in this post. But the travelling feels have got me looking up one way flights for tomorrow and dropping out of University. Especially in this awful February weather, it's only natural to want to look further afield for happiness and sunshine.

Ciao for Now! 


  1. I went to Bali on my honeymoon - it's the most amazing place in the world x

  2. I went to Paris at the weekend for the first time! It definitely was not a let down, and I'm already itching to go back! There's some picture on my blog if you wanted to have a little look :)
    I've been trying to save for a trip to South East Asia after graduation next year as that's right up there on my list too, but just bought an interrail ticket for this summer instead haha, I'm so excited though, you can never travel too much!

    Hannah xx

    1. I'm so jealous, I'll head over now! Europe is so varied I don't think you can go wrong with interrailing! I travelled Turkey and Greece from 7 weeks a couple of years ago and it was the best 7 weeks of my life! x