10 Happy Things this Week

If you're up to date with my life, you'll know it's been quite the week. Quick, nutshell-y recap.I dropped out of my study abroad placement in Washington DC, I signed a contract to move in with five of my best friends (who I haven't lived with before), I had a job interview to work in the South of France, applied for 10100319 internships and work experience places, had my first email about the D word (dissertation, heads out of the gutters please),  had my next fracture X-ray after 5 weeks in a cast, and to top it all off, gave up chocolate and bread for lent. 


It's been all over the place, and I have happy/sad feelings about the whole thing, but within the week there have been glimmers of true happiness and I want to share them with you.

1. Playing random fires of Harry Potter trivial pursuit questions with my family. Whilst watching telly, making dinner, drying your hair... one of us picks up the cards and starts masterminding the other. (I always win, obvs). 

2. Going to my local Costa to get essays done (ahem) and being served by the nicest person in the world. I wanted to take him home with me to cheer me up all day every day.

3. Pancake day- no explanation needed.

4. Winning a bargain makeup brush ebay bid, there are very few things which make me happier  than that. 

5. Publishing my blog post on being single, which is probably one of my favourite blog posts to date ever, I wrote it at 2am and had to message my friend Emily to ensure she didn't mind me revealing our secret crying over Grey's Anatomy marathons.

6. Creating a brand new Pinterest board on bedroom storage/decor. At home my wardrobe is falling apart and at uni I'll be moving into a new house over the summer, so I want to make it as homely and 'me' as possible. Tip: Fairy lights everywhere.

7. One of my best friends going to Paris and sending me macarons via post. Potentially the best way to seal my friendship as your bffl.

8. No longer having a cast! And having the Doctor I really fancy remove said cast. I am however in a cyberman boot.

9. The general happiness of being around a 4 month old puppy. He waddles. Like a duck. Is there anything cuter????? Multiple 4 month old puppies. Maybe.

10. Receiving a St Kitts Herbery Face Spritz. My skin is generally quite clear, except for the odd monthly outbreak (cheers bod), but I am forever finding ways to minimize pores effectively and getting rid of the redness beneath my eye sockets. This bad boy arrived recently and oh me oh my what a treat. It feels like my skin is shouting YES at me whenever I apply it. The consistency is so light it's almost like applying magical, smoothing powered water. I've just added it to my usual evening skincare routine and use it as a replacement toner. It does feel a little bit oily after application, I've got dry skin so it hasn't been a problem for me but if your skin is towards the oily side, you might want to try it first just in case.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up wallowing in self pity and oh my god why me thoughts. But reflecting on this week, it's actually been quite a good'un.

Ciao for Now!

Ps. This post did contain sponsored products but obvs all views are entirely my own.


  1. So glad you found some positives this week! Macarons are 100% the best. I can't imagine life without them! Even if you can't go to uni in the states, it's not going anywhere and you can still come visit! :)
    x Kenzie

    1. Exactly! It's so important to stay positive! x

  2. Hahahaha first email about the D word. Brilliant. Sounds like you had a very eventful week, but got a lot done and made a lot of important but good decisions! And that puppy... I am so jealous. My little one is going to be 10 and although she still acts puppy like, I can't help wanting another teeny tiny one to join the gang.

    Imogen // imogenscribbles.co.uk

  3. Winning a bargain brush set on eBay sounds amazing. I always feel so accomplished when I get something at a great price. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲