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I originally structured this as a full on, intense blog post moaning about my first world problems. But since then, I've decided to approach it from a different way. Imagine the two of us, me and you, sat chilling with an Indian (korma for me please) and a bottle of wine, turning the telly onto something crap knowing I'm only going to be talking over it. 

Now, once that mental image is in your mind, go and get yourself a real glass of wine. Because I'm about to have the real chat I would have with you, should you be sat opposite me glugging Merlot. 

So drink the wine and call it method acting.

The last 5 days have been all over  the place- not only has my whole life done a huge U-Turn, but I also decided to give up chocolate and bread for lent. So essentially there is nothing to ease the pain. Except the wine.

Three weeks ago, I wrote this blog post. At the time, I was in a flurried state of excitement and pride for beating out the competition and getting a place in Washington DC. However, reality soon hit home, and after weeks of discussing it with my parents, we came to the conclusion it was impossible to financially support me in going to the USA. I wanted to write about this, because obviously in a few months time when I'm back in Surrey and not 2 blocks from the White House you'll probably clock on. The choice to study abroad was a luxury, not a necessity, and I know there are people across the world who can't afford education let alone an extra year of it. But this was a crushing realisation, that the reason I wouldn't be able to go wasn't because of my own academic downfall, but because I can't afford to find £18,000 (the required amount) in less than a month. 

So that, was a pretty rubbish life moment. 

However, this does mean I'm moving in with a whole new group of fanbloodytastic women. It'll be like SATC in real life, but with Tesco Value vodka instead of cocktails. Knowing what a great year I'll have living with them has definitely eased everything- so I'm staying in England, completing my degree (gulP) and graduating with the people I started university life with, clearly it's not all bad. 

My plans for summer have also drastically changed, applying for internships, resort jobs abroad and finding anything remotely fun to fill my time with, now I won't need to be working 60 hour weeks to afford my placement! 

On top of all of these adminy lifey bits and bobs, I'm finally out of my cast and in a walking boot for 4 weeks, which will make a 10 week recovery!! 10 WEEKS!! Yes yes, know people break both arms and both legs and whatnot, but 10 weeks is a bloody long time, especially when you're not going out. Lots of wine-drunk in the house antics for me. Luckily, I really fancy my Doctor.

To make up for all of this excitement, I bought 3 lottery tickets and won £3. 

My life in a nutshell. 

So there's an up to date, ramble-y post about my life. To numb all of this pain I've managed to watch the entirety of How to Get Away With Murder in approximately 3 days and eat my weight in Hobnob biscuits. 

Because, yknow, no chocolate or bread.

Ciao for Now! 

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  1. Try workaseason.com for a summer job. They mainly do winter jobs in ski resorts but have a few resorts that open in the summer too. I worked for them for 3 seasons and once you're in, you can basically go where you want. :)
    Amy at Amy & More