Blogmas Day 17: Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday evening was our official tree decorating ceremony. We like to make it as Christmassy as possible so the Christmas playlist was on, the mince pies were out and the mulled wine was flowing. But before all of that, it was down to myself and my mum to find the perfect christmas tree last night...

I'm the first to admit that Christmas tree shopping turns me into a fusspot. It only comes along once a year and it's the pride and joy of the house, so it has to be a good'un! This year we are lucky enough to have a puppy running around, however it means we can't get our usual huge 7/8ft tree, as we're putting it on a table to avoid it being knocked over by a very excitable labradoodle. But never the less, we found the perfect tree for the living room and although it's not the same with it being on a table, the puppy makes it extremely worth it!

Once we were home, it was time for the decorating to begin!

I'm sorry about the awful quality of these photos! My phone and camera are both out of action which is not quite ideal just before christmas! 

I hope you're all getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Ciao for Now!