Blogmas Day 19: Local Festivities

I write a lot about London and the goings-on in London, especially around this time of year. It seems you can't browse a British blog without coming across the typical Christmas in London post. Unfortunately, when I'm not at university, I'm about 3.5 hours away from London, so popping into central for an errand just stops becoming a thing. Instead, I thought I'd show you a bit about my local big town, Bournemouth, and all of the little things going on with me locally. 

I live in a countryside town with very little going on, so on Saturday me and my mum went into Bournemouth for some christmas shopping, to have a nose at the German market and to potentially treat ourselves to some mulled wine.

The whole town was buzzing in the preparation for Christmas, there were Christmas jumpers for as far as the eye can see and children pointing and waving at Santa Claus.  In the square, a temporary fully wooden giant 'moose bar' had popped up, and was crammed full of children and adults alike in the Christmas spirit. 

Weary from our shopping trip and laden with bags, myself and my mum decided we were in need of a glass of mulled wine, and decided to stop en route home at a local bar for mulled wine o'clock.

An underground tavern if you will, the ceilings are low and the atmosphere is buzzing, the 'Loungers' are a little southern chain which are expanding and full of delicious food and drink. Which is why we couldn't help but get some tapas... especially when we saw sweet potato and halloumi on the menu...

Do any of your towns have similar festivities outside of the capitals? 
I hope you're all ready for Christmas!

Ciao for Now!