Blogmas Day 15: 10 Times The Grinch Summed Up Life

I should probably, definitely, say sorry for the slightly intermittent blogmas'... Yesterday only marks the third one, but it's the third in a week so I am sorry! Luckily today is going to be split into two halves to make up for the lateness/absences and even more importantly, it involves The Grinch. Potentially the ultimate Christmas film- but also the underrated beacon of knowledge of the Dr Seuss books. The Grinch may have been mean and nasty, and yes he did try to steal Christmas from Whoville. But it's probably due to this, The Grinch managed to portray my life fairly accurately. So for any unadult-Adults, teenagers, students and any fans of The Grinch, hopefully this will tickle you. 

1. When your sibling catches you doing something you shouldn't be doing...

2. When Halloween is over and on November 1st your radio alarm is already waking you up with Shakin' Stevens

3. When your friends try to persuade you to go on a night out and you're right on the brink

4. When you end up going but spend too much money and regret life the next day 

5. When your outfit takes your self esteem to level 100

6. Coming out of an exam like, 

7. When you make a joke quietly and the person next to you repeats it louder to rounds of laughter

8. On your third trip to the fridge of the afternoon

9. When you swear your friends to secrecy of the night befores antics but know you have to live with them 

10. When you know you have feelings for someone you definitely shouldn't

Oh Grinch, you get me. Can anybody else relate?

Ciao for Now!


  1. This was perfect! I totally feel the same!

  2. Ahahaha this is so funny, I love it! The Grinch isn't actually one of my absolute favourites.. I have to admit, but maybe that's because I haven't seen it in so long! Such a pretty blog design by the way... don't know how long you've had it but i've literally been so far from the blogging world recently i've only just seen it!

    Imogen //

  3. Loved this! So relatable hahah I definitely feel like watching The Grinch again right now
    Anna x