Turning 20 on a Greek Island

If you've noticed it's been a bit quiet on Alice's Antics recently, I am very sorry. My life has been filled with exams, and then work and then finally, at the beginning of June, I went on holiday with my three best friends to the Greek Island of Kos, in the Aegean Sea.

It looks a bit dull and grey above, but I can assure you it was nearing 30 degrees celsius a lot of the time! Which made it perfect for sunbathing... sunbathing all day...

'Act natural Sophie'!

It was one of those places you could walk everywhere to, although Kos does attract a lot of 'lads' holidays, we knew the season was too early for that yet, and sure enough there was a huge mix families, couples and young people strolling around our little town. Each night we decided to eat somewhere different, and return to our favourite for our final night of holiday. In the end, we couldn't decide between our two favourites, so returned to two of the five we'd tried!

Being on an island is ideal if you're a sea food fanatic like myself. Every night was a different form of sea food, those prawns were the best I'd ever had, cooked to perfection, there was none of the yucky peeling, it all just fell away perfectly!

Despite always being so full we could have rolled back to the hotel, dinner was always followed by cocktails late into the night, (or a Heineken- drink of choice for the non-cocktail drinkers)!

Every night is firework night in Greece! Every cocktail was bought out with sparklers, cherries, umbrellas, you name it.

But of course holiday's aren't just for eating, sleeping and drinking (they're not?!), we also spent our time wondering around the lovely town, buying too many touristy bits and eating ice cream every single day.

Is this the most quintessentially Greek restaurant you've ever seen? 

Half way through our week away, I turned 20. Not an age I was particularly looking forward to turning, as it marks the end of my teens and the start of my twenties, and being in your twenties is just so adult! We decided to do something a bit different to mark the occasion, and booked a boat to go over to the volcanic island of Nissyros, which is about an hour boat trip from Kos. 

The island was so lovely, and despite feeling a bit iffy about the rocky journey along the mountainside to the volcano, we made it there in one piece and managed to make the boat home, in time to see some dolphins!

The second half of my birthday was spent doing what we do best- eating and drinking. We went to a place called Captains, and the service was amazing, I was treated like a princess! The waiter bought me a Simba balloon and at the very end of the meal, my friends and the staff had surprised me and whilst I was unsuspectingly taking part in a ploy card trick from one of the waiters, a big slice of cake (and 4 spoons!) was suddenly placed in front of me to the chorus of everyone singing happy birthday! I was so overwhelmed I honestly thought there might be a few tears...

My birthday evening progressed into the night and before long we were drinking a bit too much, singing way too much and laughing so much our stomachs hurt. 

After playing in the sea, eating Gyros and walking home in the day light, we collapsed onto our beds, ready for sleeping the rest of the holiday away and eating our weight of watermelon in the sun! 

I didn't take as many photo's as I usually do whilst out and about,  I was really keen on just living in the moment for the duration of the holiday after such a busy year of university.

Please prepare yourselves for a summer of controversial posts, lists and the odd lifestyle post! I know recently there's been a flurry of 'The Life of Alice' type posts and I'm not sure how people feel about them but I know everyone enjoys my controversial rants! 

I hope you're all enjoying the sun, let's hope it stays this way!
Ciao for Now


  1. ee i'm going there in summer! this post has made me very excited xxx

    1. It's actually the second time I went, just last time I was travelling and only there for 2 full days, it's SO lovely, you'll have an amazing time! Make sure you go to Blue Note and Captains (they're restaurants on the sea front) xx

  2. This looks like so much fun! I loved Greece when I was there, I think my favorite was probably Oia, but I'd like to see other islands too! The sun has been so great here (except today is very rainy and ugh) :) Can't wait for more posts! I'm glad you had a great birthday!!

    1. Do you mean Oia in Santorini? I actually went Greek Island hopping in 2013 so I've been to loads of the islands, Santorini is SO unreal!!! I loved the time I spent there, but deffo will be going with another half next time rather than my 2 best friends, it's just so romantic haha! xx

  3. What an amazing way to spend your birthday, it looks like so much fun!! I'm jealous haha

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com