Catch Ups, Cocktails and Charley

I've found a new favourite restaurant. I don't ofter say this, in fact I've never said it before officially. But I have a favourite restaurant, and it's called Turtle Bay in the city of Bristol.

I was introduced to Turtle Bay by my gorgeous friend Charley, who I popped up to see for a long girls couple of days, catching up, bonding and laughing until our stomach's hurt. And night one was spent in this gorgeous restaurant. Think Caribbean food, infused with every flavour under the sun, sweet potato chips so light and crispy you could eat them forever and my all time favourite cocktail, Mojito, made with a twist of vanilla and passion fruit. 

I went for the jerk chicken, but beware, it has got quite the bite to it and left me gasping for more mojito! 

If you don't like rum this probably isn't the best place for you, true to its Caribbean theme, rum is in every cocktail and we ended the night on rum cake with a caramel sauce. 

And how do you wash down rum cake and mojito's?

With more mojito's of course! 

We headed for The Cosy Club. The swankiest cocktail bar I've ever been to, and definitely the swankiest in Bristol. Think 1940's dark oak decor, high ceilings and attractive barmen swinging cocktail shakers around their heads! 

The rest of my trip was spent between Bristol and Bath, doing more of what we do best. And despite the clouds, the weather stayed beautiful for us!

The fudge shop above gave us a little sample of their salted caramel variety, it was utterly melt in your mouth and if you find yourself next to Bath Abbey, you have to let yourself wonder around the corner into this shop!

I had planned a long, wordy post, but today I started my new summer job a couple of weeks earlier than expected, so have been thrown in head first and am trying to find my feet at the moment! This was the loveliest weekend and I couldn't not blog about it at all!

I am definitely experiencing a bit of 'writers block' so any suggestions for blog posts or whatever you want to read and hear my opinions of would be so so welcome, please comment or send me an email!

Ciao for Now


  1. They have a Turtle Bay in Birmingham. I totally agree with you. It's amazing. P.s. I love your blog! Xx

  2. Rum cake and caramel sauce? Yummo!
    Renee x

  3. Rum cake and caramel sauce? Yummo!
    Renee x