The Easter Detox

3 April 2015

I am sure many people saw the title of this post and thought 'how the bloody hell can a self confessed chocolate fiend have a detox over Easter?' Since I'm at university, my Easter holidays is longer than the average couple of weeks, with just over a month to sort myself, my body and my brain for exam time and then holiday-ing season. With this in mind, I really wanted to abolish all of the horrible habits I've acquired since being at university, to start afresh and give my Alice-being a break from all the bad stuff.

Top of my list is my skin. I was lucky enough throughout my teenage years not to suffer from bad spots at all. Obviously the odd one or two would pop up, but it was largely to do with hormones and would disappear straight after that time of the month. Since starting uni however, I've really noticed a turn for the worst in my skin. I always had a skin routine down to a tee, but sadly the late nights, early lectures and frequent social drinking obviously took its toll, and my skin has not quite been itself since the start of the school year back in September. To cure my skin from its blemishes, I've decided to do a make-up free Easter break. I'm allowing myself a couple of exceptions, for my best friends 21st at the end of the month, and for Easter Sunday which my family like to make an occasion out of, but apart from these dates, my skin is staying make up free. As a treat, and to motivate myself, I decided to splash out and get a facial treatment at a lovely local beautician, and have also bought a few face masks to get myself through the weeks and keep my skin hydrated. My local boots had actually sold out of most of their face masks, so I decided to try the Superdrug own ones, hopefully they'll do the same job!

Next is the health side of life. University has lead me to either one extreme on the other, I started the year as a healthy bean, fell to a life of Domino's in the middle, and ended on eating what I could afford, neither healthy or unhealthy. Obviously Easter is dedicated to chocolate, but on the lead up and post-Easter celebration, chocolate is taking a back seat as I'm embarking on the healthy life and making the most of parents stocking up the fridges! Living away from home has given me an insight into actual cooking and not living off pasta and pesto, and I'm dying to try some new recipes I've found on the world wide web. If I do try some out, I'll be sure to post them on here too, it's been ages since my quinoa and butternut squash burgers! To add to tall of this, I'm also giving up drinking for the duration of the holiday. I know, I know, how will I cope? When I told my parents they almost keeled over, but I am very much a 'go all out' person, and so the bubbly is off the list! Along with all the healthy stuff comes the fitness bits too. Despite everything I've sad in the post so far, I've been really active since starting uni, playing netball and having gym bunnies as my flatmates gave me the motivation I needed for the 7am gym starts. I also nearly broke my back carrying my dumbbells up the stairs home in a rucksack so I refuse to let it be for nothing! 

Despite this being called a 'break' unfortunately, the minute term starts I am thrown into my exam timetable head first. Luckily, it's only two weeks of exams, unfortunately, I have four three hour exams in that time. Which having done GCSE's and A Levels I know doesn't sound an awful lot. However, my brain has never had to cope with so much information to memorise in its poor life, so this will be a fairly interesting period to discover whether my lectures on multivariate regression analysis actually did sync in (-I can tell you now, it didn't). Anyway, I've created a revision timetable and am ready to commence the life of an intense reviser. Notes, highlighters, post-it notes and flash cards have all been typed up or bought. Radio 1 is a permanent staple on my laptop and my brain is ready to function for a few hours every day! 

It's really important to just pause for a moment and slow down. I'm really lucky that I have the time in holiday-form assigned for me to wind down a bit and focus on things other than studies and my work, but it's also so important to be productive with the time given! I would love to laze in bed all day, watching Gilmore Girls until 12pm and drinking a constant stream of coffee (and trust me, some days I will), but for the most part, I really want to make the most of the time off I have. As I said at the beginning I'm very much a go big or go home person, and doing things half heartedly doesn't really occur to me. I will let you all know how it all goes and if it goes to pot I'll be totally honest! There won't be any more posts on it until the beginning of May, but if you want to keep up to date make sure your following my Twitter and Instagram!

Have lovely weeks!
Ciao for Now!


  1. Good luck on your overall detox - I think it's an amazing idea! Going make up free is one of my favourite things to do during breaks (seeing as I don't really leave the house much haha). I'm jealous of your motivation to do revision, I really need to do some next week - ahhhh exams!

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  2. I really need to have a detox of my own and this post really inspired me to start it right now (or tomorrow since it's 1:48am!!) instead of waiting for the will power to come to me. Gotta keep motivated! I'll be revising all month too! Let's work hard! Good luck on your detox!

    Minae |

  3. Good luck on your detox! I definitely think you need it before exams as routines go out of the window when it comes to crunch time! Keep stocked up on blueberries and dried mango - that's my advice!

  4. Good luck with your detox! I feel your pain as my A-level exams are in a month, although I'm sure Uni exams are much harder and require much more revision! I love going make-up free during the holidays and my skin always feels so much better afterwards! Hope you have a great Easter :)

  5. I like healthy eating and your experience is great for me. That would be so nice to continue your blog.


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