Life Update: Spring, Scrapbooking and Self Restraint

This year I've really wanted to hone in on the seize the day lifestyle. I've been saying yes to more things, trying new foods, putting myself out there more and trying to look at life from a far more positive perspective. I pinned two big lists of quotes and life values to the pin board above my desk, and as you may have noticed yourselves, I'm paying much more attention to self happiness. 

As part of my 'live life to the full' attitude, I've decided to take on scrap booking. I know a few other bloggers who did this through the Project Life scrap book, but I've decided to actually go for it and do it from scratch. Materials have been ordered, photo's have been printed and tickets have been saved up. Because I am such a hoarder it's really hard for me to refine what I've kept from over the years, so rather than keep it in a 'memory box' as I've done in the past, I think this is the most perfect way to keep up with everything I've done over the year! I was potentially thinking of writing a monthly blog post of my scrap book, and was wondering if that would interest any of you? To fill you in on what I've been doing outside of the blogosphere in one big old chat with lots of creative photographs, let me know what you think on that!

I can't really believe I'm writing this, but it's almost the end of March already! I feel like I blinked on March the 1st and woke up today, where did it all go? There's even been a couple of sunny days amongst the grey skies, clearly spring is upon us! I always find I'm most motivated when it's a gorgeous day outside, and over the past month or so I've been making a conscious effort to be the best form of me I can be. Despite being a student, I've been so busy lately that not going out hasn't been too much of a hardship, however if I've learnt anything over the past year or so, it's how important it is to know your limits. My worst habit is attitude of 'well I've started now, the damage is done, why bother stopping', and it applies to everything! Money, chocolate, alcohol, you name it. And so over the past few weeks I've been trying to put up more of a barrier to this attitude. Obviously it's been hard, but getting a job, going to the gym and being far too busy to breathe let alone go on nights out has made it easier. I am going through a massive 'Can Do' attitude change at the moment and I love it. It's just extremely hard to not eat white chocolate buttons when your friends bought them for you!

Alongside my self happiness mission, this year I also really want to concentrate on blogging about things which actually matter. There is so much media and press attention which is orientated completely around fashion and beauty blogs, they're always the ones which gain the followers and have their niche and get the sponsors. And please don't get me wrong, that is great. They know what they're doing and they do it well, I follow a lot myself. But a lot of lifestyle blogs get lost under this pile, and I'm really keen to continue blogging about the controversial bits of life which others push under  the rug! I really want Alice's Antics to be the most well rounded blog possible, a little bit of beauty, fashion, food and travel, but most importantly, not afraid to talk about the real things going on and make sure my readers know there's always someone to talk to, it's a huge goal of mine!

So there's a bit of some background life info, I hope you all had lovely weekends, we're almost (almost) half way to Friday again!

Ciao for Now!


  1. It's lovely what you have done so far on the book. I'm like you and would find it difficult to decide what to include. It's great you're feeling happy at the moment, it really is easier to avoid the bad stuff when you're busy isn't it! x

    Amy at

  2. Scrapbooking is great, would love to see a few posts about it! I myself have been wanting to start doing it yet I've not found time nor have the money to go and buy everything I need.
    Love your attitude towards things right now, so glad you are happy :) I've also been trying to be more positive and care more about myself this year as I feel we need to be happy for ourselves and not do things just to please others.
    Also I completely agree with what you said about post topics, so true.
    Anna x

  3. The scrap book is looking amazing! Such a great thing to be able to look back on. I'm also aiming to put myself out there more.

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  4. I'm loving the scrapbook! Looks fab! Might start giving something like this ago myself!