Easter Goodness

Over the last few days, I've had an utterly delightful time preparing for Easter. From browsing the shops after pay day, to coffee catch ups and pancake making with my best friends, to making (slightly biased) the most delicious Easter cake to ever exist, my days have been jam packed and I've been loving it. I've mentioned before my family very much have a go hard or go home attitude to any event, and Easter is no different. Despite not being a religious family by any means, Easter is another excuse to get together, eat far too much chocolate, share around our eggs and just enjoy each other's company and be merry!

With all this in mind, I thought I'd put together a photograph post of the last few days, I'm thinking of writing a Beauty Haul blog post, which isn't something I've written before but the damage on my credit card is practically screaming 'beauty haul"! Don't even get me started on the Yves Saint Laurent mascara I bought on sale!

Can you believe how good it looks?! A four layered rainbow cake, smothered in icing and cream, with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and as you can see, enough Kitkats to feed an army! Transporting this up the road to Bournemouth was no mean feat, but after some careful manoeuvring, it landed at my aunty's house, ready to be cut!

I'm completely aware this is just photograph after photograph of food, but it all looks so good I just couldn't resist! And being able to breakfast in the garden on such a beautiful day was the icing on the cake really, how lucky! I know it's completely ironic to be posting this after the Easter Detox post, back onto that tomorrow sadly! It's been such a wonderful weekend, topped off last night with cocktail hour (tequila sunrises ago!) and a couple of episodes of Mr Selfridge with the best company. 

I hope you've all had the loveliest of Easters if you celebrate it, and the loveliest of weekends regardless!

Ciao for Now!


  1. I definitely grew a little bit hungry as I read this! looks like so much fun! I love baking, though my family doesn't go quite as big as that! Glad your Easter was great! :)

  2. All the food looked so delicious! Thanks for sharing!



  3. that cake is epic! x

  4. The cakes look delicious!

  5. Hi Alice, I just thought I'd thank you for running this little blog here. I've followed you for about six months now or so and every time I come here I can't help but feel happy. I just wanted to thank you for writing honestly about your life and being a generally great person (so it seems to me). So yeah, thanks a lot for doing all of that :)


    1. Awww this was such a lovely comment!! Thank you so much for reading my blog, honestly nothing makes me happier than knowing people actually appreciate and read what I have to say so thank you for bothering to follow this teeny space on the internet!! xxxx