Being a Duff

Until recently, the only Duff I was aware of was the Hilary one, the rom-com queen in all her glory. But now a new DUFF has entered my life, through the film of the same name, the 'Designated Ugly Fat Friend' is the new upcoming DUFF and although the film tried its best, there's really no nice way to be described fat and ugly in one acronym. 

The film centres around Bianca, whose life spontaneously combusts when she is told she's the 'Duff' to her two best friends. Sexy childhood best friend/neighbour turned jock is the one to deliver this devastating blow and with a bit of bribery agrees to turn her into a non-Duff. I'm going to give you enough credit and assume you can guess how this film ends- let it be known the ending is actually as cute as real Duff's 'A Cinderella Story'. And it takes a lot for me to say that, because A Cinderella Story provided the soundtrack to my childhood and young teenage years. 

Despite being dead set against labels of any kind, I'm not a numpty, and life as a '6 on a good day' amongst a wide variety of ridiculously attractive friends is not a smooth ride. I am the queen of friend zoning, of being passively ridiculed for being the odd one out and of posing at the back photo's, ready and waiting to untag the pictures which would inevitably end up on Facebook. And there was a phase in my life, in fact a solid 7 or 8 year phase where being a Duff was just a life label I was destined for. I thought I'd marry a duff, have duff children, pity and chose a duff dog and live in a Dufh. (Designated ugly fat house). 

And then, at some point in my life, I had an enlightenment. This film actually kind of tells the truth. Everybody is somebody's Duff. There is always going to be somebody better than you at something but it's just life, it doesn't mean you need to feel inadequate about it. If everybody looked the same, the world would be boring. Looking like me has never stopped me from doing what I want to do, I've had boyfriends, nobody has ever run away from me on a date, I may have been judged from the forefront but at the end of the day, if somebody does that, I don't particularly want them in my life anyway. 

Being a Duff isn't some sort of pile you're sorted into. You're not designated to Duff life. And the only person who can un-Duff you, is you. So either embrace it, or get rid of it, but know, everybody feels crap sometimes and everybody has days when they look at their friend and feels a little bit inadequate. It's not called being a Duff, it's called being human.

Ciao for Now!


  1. This is extremely enlightening thing to read! Great work and can't wait to see the movie!


  2. Aaaahh hahaha I laughed so hard at that! I feel like the ultimate duff to almost all of my friends! This post made my day!