20 Facts About Alice

Alice's Antics has been up and active for just over a year now, and today is the day I've been so excited for, having my own domain! You see the lack of 'blogspot' in the title? Precisely. It's a big day for myself and my minions and I'm absolutely bloody thrilled to have my own actual blog, it all feels a bit more professional now! In an ode to all things Alice-y (that's allowed itsn't it) I thought I'd do a get to know me post. I saw this on Becky's blog, and couldn't resist doing my own one, I think it's lovely to do these posts occasionally, and I've never done one on here. Alice's Antics is such a mix match of every element possible, I sometimes forget you don't actually know all that much about me as a walking, breathing human being. So here are 20 facts you might not know about me. 

1) I don't have a fear of feet, but I hate anything touching mine. Sand is my worst nightmare, there's a running joke in my family about how when I was younger I would spend about 10 minutes showering my feet off four times a day on holiday because I hated the feeling of anything dirty on my feet.

2) I have a dog and a cat, but I am completely and utterly a dog person at heart. 

3) When I went travelling, me and my friends went skinny dipping at almost every destination, I've been skinny dipping in about 8 different destinations.

4) I've never seen any Lord of the Rings, but I've read the books

5) I have a phobia of wax works, none of my family know where is comes from, but I am terrified of them, just thinking about Madame Tussauds gives me the creeps. From this fear, I also hate clowns and people on stilts- I think maybe it's to do with creating a false impression?

6) I wear red lipstick more often than I don't. It's gotten to the point where people actually associate me with red lipstick now. 

7) On Pottermore I was sorted into Gryffindor

8) I am a chocolate over sweets girl every day of the week. 

9) I met my best friend in September 1998 at play group and our little sisters met through us and became best friends too. We all consider ourselves more like family than friends now, despite living ridiculously far away. 

10) I live up the road from where Broadchurch is filmed, in fact, the police station is actually a block of flats I spent new year of 2012. The post office from the first series had newspapers in the window with the headline 'Who Killed Danny' for the next year or so and David Tennant was a regular on my timeline with the various friends who had seen him in town. 

11) My male/female celebrity 'crushes' (outside of Leonardo DiCaprio, I love him.) are Ansel Elgort and Lily Collins. 

12) I'm 5'8 and have a lifelong worry of falling in love with a man who's shorter than me

13) When we were about 13, me and my best friend decided to learn Air Hostess by Busted in Spanish

14) I don't really vocalise it on here, because I don't want my blog to be a beauty blog, but I'm really passionate about make up and cosmetics and it's something I'm considering going into long term. I love contouring and colours, and all of my flat mates ask me to do their make up regularly (...not the boys..)

15) My favourite food is seafood, if I had a last meal it would definitely revolve around fish and shell fish. My worst 'meal' if you can call it that, is a McDonalds breakfast. It's the stuff of nightmares.

16) I've played the trombone, cello, saxophone, piano and guitar. 

17) I ran an anonymous Tumblr advice blog throughout my GCSE's and it gathered over 18'000 followers, in the end I felt it got too much and I just couldn't keep up with it, but I didn't want other people to help me because I felt like I was betraying the trust of the messengers, so I deleted the blog after nearly 2 years. 

18) In my school Nativity, I was a duck. 

19) Trouble and accidents seem to follow me everywhere, and there are too many times to count where my friends have just been baffled and said 'it could only happen to you'. 

20) J.K Rowling favourited my tweet about a month ago, and I was slightly tipsy and started crying.

Ciao for Now!


  1. I need to learn this contouring magic that everyone bar me is fab at! And J.K Rowling *fist pump*



  2. I love you. (and I'm so proud that your site is YOUR site)

  3. I loved reading this - a duck in the nativity is brilliant! You are the only ones who have learnt a song in another language, I learnt what makes you beautiful in sign language ( too cool haha). Congrats on your own domain : )

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  4. I love reading these type of posts! Congrats on having your own blog domain!! I've had my blog for almost two years and have yet to sort all that stuff out. I still haven't dared to wear red lipstick, I don't wear loads of make-up but I'd love to start wearing lipstick more often! Totally agree with you about the McDonald's breakfast!!

  5. Oh wow! If J.K. Rowling favourited anything of mine I would burst into tears! :D

  6. Don't worry about the short man thing - I'm 6' and managed to find a man who's 6'9!!


  7. 6'9??? I can't even imagine what that looks like! You could potentially both have the most beautiful tall model-y babies ever! x