Reunion Feast

This marks my fifth blog post this week! A sure sign it's revision season that's for sure, I hope nobody is minding being inundated with posts, I have a feeling it'll last up until exams start in May and then all will be still for a couple of weeks- so it's technically making up for the future prospects.

If you read my blogmas, you might have seen how me and my friendship group like to use the holidays as an excuse to get together and catch up. Sometimes it's the only time throughout the whole break we can actually see everyone, especially now we work or are revising and have other things to do, so I love our tradition of having at least this one evening to make sure we're back on track. On Friday night, the lovely Viv set up a table in the garden, with 10 higgledy piggledy chairs, lanterns, flowers and a tower of blankets for us to to snuggle up in whilst we feasted! The air was a bit chilly but the food was amazing and we gorged on halloumi kebabs, couscous, quiche, moussaka humous and fresh vegetables! 

Apologies for the above photo being a bit blurred, it was a bit of an awkward angle to get us all in! The conversation soon turned to Portugal, where we are hoping to be jetting off to in July, the evening started to get dark and soon we were all wrapped in the blankets, feeling ridiculously full.

There's nothing better than getting together with old friends and bonding over delicious foods. I especially love our rituals for having meals at home rather than going out, it means that little bit more effort has gone into it and we always appreciate the hosts fine dining skills!

Ciao for Now!


  1. Well done for doing 5 posts this week, I doubt I'd be able to do that on top of revision! I remember reading your blogmas meal post and it is such a lovely little tradition to have.

    Kathryn | Nimble Note

  2. 5 posts a week is so much, I wish I had enough ideas to do that! Love this post, the food looks great x