Mothering Sunday

My Mother's Day record has never been particularly great. In our family, every occasion is a big occasion, and in the same way myself and my sister get absolutely spoilt rotten in any and every way possible on our birthdays and christmas (and any other reason which might arise), we are expected to make a big deal out of every parent occasion, anniversary, mothers day, fathers day, anything. It's one of my favourite parts about my family, I couldn't imagine a life where we don't follow our morning ritual, no matter what the occasion. But for some reason, Mother's Day has never been a strong point of mine- from last year when I wasn't in the country at all, to that unmentionable year where I forgot altogether and decided to make... a powerpoint. So to make up for an inch of the last 19 Mother's Days, last night I decided to hop on a train straight after work, and four hours, three trains later, I arrived back in Dorset, ready to surprise my mum and spoil her rotten tomorrow!

After present opening and breakfasting, we had a slow paced morning, the perfect way to spend any Sunday in my opinion. Eventually we decided to continue the day, and headed out to Weymouth to browse in the vintage shop and see what any bits and bobs we could find. Me and my mum share our love of vintage and charity shops, so it was the perfect afternoon- and Dad didn't mind being dragged around too much either. Of course, when we spotted cream tea's, we soon heard our tummy's rumbling and decided to take a break from the shopping!

After a little while longer, we took our findings and headed back home to un-pop the bottle of fizz and have a couple of hours lazing around in true Sunday afternoon fashion. It passed all too quickly and soon enough we found the time for our dinner reservation was nearly upon us and walked up to Zizzi's, our favourite restaurant as a family.

As it was a special occasion, we decided to indulge, and so calamari was followed by a pizza which was followed by an espresso affogato... which is really, my idea of a perfect dinner, and each plate was practically inhaled. Zizzi's do a 'skinny pizza' which I actually prefer to the normal pizzas, as all of the toppings are fresh on top, and it means I can eat a delicious meal and justify dessert (kind of), so winners all around! We had to pause between starters and main to take a couple of photo's, it is Mother's Day after all! Unfortunately, I was clearly caught feeling a little bit sassy in this moment and have lost my ability to smile properly!

Unfortunately the diet I've been pursuing in aid of my girl friends summer holiday, was rather put aside today! But I can't say I didn't enjoy every mouthful. We walked home full as can be, and a little merry. To end the night, we stuck on some home video tapes from the early 2000's, crying with laughter at our little family. My mum took it upon herself to film a lot of us growing up, and although she may not be the next Tarantino (there is a lot of forgetting to turn the camera off/continuous floor filming), I am so happy we have the memories captured on film! They are a treat to  snuggle down to on a Sunday night, incomplete without chocolate of course- that diet was screwed for the whole day, so why not.

I'm extremely lucky in that my mum (and dad) supports me in everything and anything I do, and it really doesn't go unnoticed, particularly of late. The last 12 months have truly proved I am a home girl at heart, it took living abroad and moving away, but I'm really not as cool and care free as I  used to like to think. At the end of the day, nothing beats family time.

I hope you've all had wonderful weekends, and if you're lucky enough to have a mother who's around, I truly hope you've spoilt her rotten!

Ciao for Now!


  1. Aww it's so lovely that you surprised your mum and it sounds like such a perfect day, plus the cream tea looks delicious!


  2. Aww that sounds like such a lovely day! I love that vintage shop in Weymouth, I've not been for a while though so the next time I'm there it will have to be on the cards.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench