Alice's Saturday Antics

You know the weekend is going to be a good one when you kick it off on Friday night watching Frozen with your mum and, much to his embarrassment, dad.

Only a week ago I received an invite to my lovely friend Vikki's wedding to her fiance Sian. I'd known about the wedding for month's, but we'd all assumed I'd be in Italy for the big day and after realising I'd be home in time, the lovely ladies sat down and decided to re-adjust bits and bobs to squeeze me (and Molly) in. We were both so overwhelmed by the gesture, and after some intense present shopping, clothes shopping and several 'but seriously, what are you wearing' conversations, the day arrived, and on Saturday I arrived to watch my lovely friends tie the knot.

Stupidly, due to a massively stressful morning I forgot to charge my camera (do you ever have mornings where everything ever goes wrong?) so the only photos I have are ones Molly kindly took on her iPhone. From about 5pm the formalities ended, the shots started and the music blared, causing me and Molly to go to the dance floor and not stop all night! One lady even came up to us  and said 'you girls have not stopped dancing, it's amazing!'. Nothing prepared me for how unique, hilarious and just lovely the day would be, I am feeling a lot of lovin' towards my two gorgeous, lovely friends!

Unfortunately, I had to cut the night slightly short as the friends I went with were leaving earlier, but as I had my dancing shoes on, I decided to take the opportunity to go on a night out in Weymouth with some other friends. Weymouth is the local seaside town notorious for its awful clubs, flurry's of 'lads' and drunkenly sitting on the beach at 5am with a bag of chips.

I met up with my other friends in time to get the midnight train down and we didn't mess about in dancing through the night. It was my first time 'out out' since returning from Italy and bumping into so many old faces was a bit bizarre, but fun none the less! More than a couple of people I hadn't seen since leaving school, so the night was full of (slightly slurred) shouting-over-the-music catch ups!

As you can imagine, Sunday was quite literally the day of rest, having not got in until 5:45 that morning...

I hope you've all had lovely weekends! Sorry this one is a day late, I was waiting for the above picture to go online so I had a photo to match the night out text... such dedication.
Ciao for Now!


  1. Wow what a long day! These sorts of weekends are the best though, catching up with old and new friends.

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Aw, sounds like such a fun weekend :). You're blog is so lovely to read!