A Little Holiday in France

After the extremely heavy subject of the last post, I thought today I would tell you all about my recent trip to the South of France and share a few pictures. On July 17th, I went to Grasse, a town just outside of Cannes with one of my best friends, Molly, her family and two of her brothers friends. After a 12:30am 'start' to get to the airport, a 6am flight and a taxi journey from a friendly Frenchman with a goatee and braces, we arrived at the villa. 

For the first few days we didn't really leave the villa apart from to go to the Supermarket. Instead we relaxed by the pool, attempted to improve our hand-eye coordination with tennis, read in the sun, swam, ate some amazing food and drunk one too many alcoholic beverages. This was completely perfect for us all as we just wanted to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. But on the Sunday we did end up going off to Grasse, a local town famous for its perfumery and incredible views.

(Yup, Molly's 17 year old brother is grabbing at his crotch...)

The final days and nights were spent playing card games, dancing, smoking cigars and turning the nights to early mornings, I'm sure Molly's parents would say 'too late' if I'm completely honest. On our last day at the villa we went into Cannes and took a walk around the marina, oggling at multi-milionaires on their giant boats and secretly hoping we'd all be invited on board.

On the final night, due to Molly's aunt accidentally double booking our stay with somebody elses, we all packed up and headed to a hotel in a nearby village. When we were told the hotel was in a small town I didn't really know what to expect, but it was such a lovely hotel. Our bedroom had views for absolutely miles and we discovered some incredible viewing points, one which we visited late at night and words literally can't explain how beautiful the thousands of lights looked below, but one of the boys, Robert, managed to capture a photo which should at least give you an idea.

It was such a lovely week away and after not holidaying with 'adults' in 3 years, I actually quite enjoyed having people there who looked out for us and made sure we ate properly and drank enough water and all the bits you forget and neglect when you're away with friends or alone! I hope you've all had a lovely week so far! 

Ciao for Now! 


  1. Really lovely photos! Looks like you had a lovely time.

    ~ K

  2. That looks incredible!


  3. What a lovely vacation! The villa you stayed in looks spectacular based on the lovely pictures you took. Your post sure made me want to plan my own little vacation in France. My favorites are the scenic photos of the countryside. Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you guys all the best!

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guest Lodge