Revamp, Redo, Redecorate

I've been neglecting you again, haven't I? I thought I'd have so much time when I was back home for blogging, but it turns out quite the opposite! Gone are the days when I could post more than once a week, I will always post at weekends, but finding the time mid-week is proving very difficult! Please, accept my apologies. If I could I would give you all chocolates, (who doesn't like chocolate), but I can't, which is rather good, as I am exceptionally broke at the moment. 

Yesterday I spent my Saturday repainting my room. My old bedroom was white with a dark purple fireplace wall, and most of my items dark purple to match. But I decided, after 5 years of having this theme, it was definitely time for a change. So I donned my oh so sexy painting clothes, dug out the paint brushes, found the world biggest tub of white paint and began my work. Unfortunately, despite my hard-earned C in GCSE Art, I managed to get more paint on myself than on the actual walls. And after 4 hours of consistent painting, I had a well earned tea-break. Just like real painters.

Between painting, I decided to take down all the crappy photo's and falling down posters off one of my other walls, and gave it a fresh lick of white paint. Whilst the final coat was drying I showered, changed and popped to 'The Range' (totally aware that rhymes) our local home ware shop, and bought some bedroom accessories to lay out a sort of theme. I decided on dark yellow, blue and grey. Which probably doesn't sound too aesthetically pleasing, but I'm quite a fan of them. It actually makes me feel a little bit grown up, dark yellow is definitely a grown up colour. 

This week, I am going to do a spot of photo-sticking! A job which is most definitely easier said than done. Have you ever tried blue-tacking photo's in a perfect pattern? How do those Pinterest people do it? I've attempted -and failed- before, but never the less, I will once again be attempting on Tuesday. Yesterday I managed to complete my bedroom in 24 hours and even had time to sit down with a bowl of ice cream -no shame- and watch the ever gorgeous Jude Law in The Holiday. Here's the final result, I am rather proud of my first spot of decorating!

I hope you've all had the loveliest of weekends.
Ciao for Now!


  1. Must admit I like the purple. :P But the colour scheme with the dark yellow is one I like too, you'll have to post some pics when you've got your bedroom to this colour. :)

    Amy at Amy & More

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  3. I have a purple room too but am in need of a change, its been this way for so long now! :) also good choice with The Holiday, its such a good film :p
    Becca x