Dessert, the Second Stomach and the Free Food Free Calories Life Hack

I realised the title of this post sounds a wee bit like a book title... although I am not too sure on the success of the book (I would buy it as it has the word dessert in it). 

As you may or may not know, I have a very sweet tooth. Possibly the sweetest tooth in the world. Ever. There is nothing more cruel to me then going out for a meal with people who don't want dessert. And I am definitely a box of chocolates over crackers and cheese gal any day of the week. Carbs.. not so much, chocolates covered in chocolate dipped in chocolate? That's more my thing. 

Luckily for me, my closest friends are all dessert gals. Which is probably the reason they're my closest friends in the first place. So me and my friend Molly, came up with the solution that the reason we can eat a whole wagamama pad thai and still have room for their delicious chocolate fudge cake is that the dessert falls into a whole different stomach. The dessert stomach isn't fulfilled by the savoury flavours of a main course, which is why there is always room to have a little something afterwards. 

Another top trick for all you calorie counters and dieters (I am queen of tips for this category), is the 'Free food free calories' diet.... Before you read on, please bare in mind the word 'diet' here is a very loose term. Me and my bestest gal pal Ruth, came up with this scenario a couple of years ago to make us feel better about the copious amount of Starbucks and Costa being consumed by the pair of us. To sum it up... if you have a very close friend are you are often going out with, you should take it in turns to pay. Our reasoning is, if you did not buy the food yourself, the food did not technically exist and so the calories are non existent too. The person who brought the food did eat it, so she (or he) doesn't get the calories either. IT IS A WIN WIN SITUATION! 

The other week I went to visit Ruth at her University and as a thank you, I brought her weekly shop. That is a whole weeks worth of free calories. Quite simply genius. 

There is a small large chance this blog post will make 0 sense to you and you will leave it feeling like you wasted a small part of your life. But I hope, if you do have a sweet tooth, this is an invaluable life lesson. 

Ciao for now! x

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  1. I thought I have a sweet tooth #sugaraddict but you might be a tiny bit worse but I love it! :) xoxo Maria