Alice, the Christmas Elf

It's that time of year again. People running around town as the shops start shutting, endless queues in the post office, the treacherous trip into the loft in search of all things festive, and the one time of year where putting on weight is inevitable and the norm (hooray!) yes gals and guys, I am talking of course, about christmas! *enter jolly festive tune here*

Now admittedly, Christmas is not for everyone. In fact, the majority of blogs I follow about the web actually moan about the festive season as opposed to embracing it. And despite my very best efforts throughout the years to become one of these unfun folk, I have failed. For me, Christmas is 100%, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. For someone who hates the wet, wind and rain, that is very big statement considering I am british and Christmas of course falls in Winter. 

Todays blog is lacking in advice, opinion, 'to-do's etc, it is simply a post on festive fun and what I get up to around this time of year. For the past 18 years, my family have been subjected to gifts of mugs. Mainly, because I am a bit of a mug freak and try to spread (unsuccessfully) the mug lovin' around. This year, however, I branched out. And so on the 2nd December, I made a list of what I needed to get from my very small, very unexciting, and very unambitiously stocked town, and off I went on my merry way. As pre-mentioned, my previous years of present giving have been some what unsuccessful, but since I have been earning money and will be a student for the next 3 years (aka most definitely poor), I splashed the cash a little bit, and hopefully, somewhat successfully, bought my sister and both my parents something that they will actually appreciate. Even I can understand that 18 years of mugs for birthday and Christmas may, eventually, wear down the levels of excitement. 

Yesterday the Dodd household was full of antics (stress), as we went about our annual 'Christmas prep day' activities. Essentially, christmas prep day is the day two members of our family, pop off to the Christmas tree man to find the biggest and best Christmas tree our living room is capable of holding. This year, it was the task of myself and my dad. After a bit of gentle persuasion.-pleading- our brand new 7ft dropless tree was positioned in all its glory in the corner of the living room, being attacked by me and my mum with endless amounts of fairy lights. Carols were blasting, the whole family, cat and dog included, were downstairs enjoying the festive cheer and decorating our home to most families Christmas standard AKA tinsel tinsel everywhere! 

With just under two weeks left until Christmas, I have a couple of weeks filled with the usual Christmas card writing (under my mothers orders), Work-do's, Secret Santa's, Friends back from Uni reunions and the extremely traumatic experience of working in a restaurant during the busiest time of year. However, this does not deter me at all from my Christmas spirit. YES, it might be a bit annoying when my ring tone blasts out Shakin Stevens, and ok ok, maybe not everybody enjoys Christmas jumpers. But I, most definitely do. And I will not let the Scrooges and Grinch's of Christmas, bring me down... 

Ciao for Now! x