Being an emotional human

Today I had big big plans to create a 'my bedroom' post, however, as per usual the technology in my life has other ideas and since the camera isn't being recognised by my computer, I have had to draw up a new plan. Inspiration came fairly quickly after watching the John Lewis Christmas Ad on TV (kudos to the JL marketers, you are true angels).

You know when you're sat in the cinema not watching a particularly sad film and a girl a few rows back starts crying, or you're at a wedding and you look at the other end of the aisle and you see some woman sobbing into a tissue, or maybe you have a friend who you can't watch any film with because you are scared you will drown in their tears?......... Well, I am that friend. 

Admittedly, my emotion seems to be drawn from other peoples misfortune (fictional or otherwise), be it a film, the news, a play... I will find something to cry about. Me and my ex-boyfriend, went to see Monsters University, happily munching our popcorn and drinking our coke as the adverts came on. Our excitement began to brew when I saw the little pixar lampshade hopping along, ready for the pre-film... and by the end of it, Tom was sat next to a sniffling, piggy eyed mess. 

I think the day I realised I had a default in my ability to keep in the waterworks, came with the biggest sob-film ever in the world ever.... Titanic (although maybe The Notebook is on par). Titanic is one of those rare films I can watch, and know that I will not be the only person holding back tears at the end. However, in my case things went a step further. I had watched Titanic, my emotions had over flown and I had quite literally drenched my friends shoulder in my own tears and snot. I had gone to bed red eyed and squinty, exhausted from how much crying I had done in the space of about half an hour and religiously reminded myself it is JUST as film, Jack Dawson does not exist. 

My room, is next door to the upstairs living room. So unless the volume is on 0, I can hear pretty much anything. A couple of days post-Titanic sobbing, I was sat in my room doing some coursework, completely oblivious to my little sister, who in the next room, was putting on Titanic for herself. Literally, all it took was the first bar of the opening song, and I was sat on my bed, alone, crying like a baby.


Due to my best friend having the emotion of a teaspoon when it comes to films and plays etc, I have had to come up with the defence that being emotional is due to my empathetic personality. However, I am fully aware of how annoying it is and although I am normally not a loud sobber (not too loud anyway), I am told during almost every cinema trip how weird I am for crying. 

So, next time you're watching a film, please spare a moment of thought before chucking your popcorn at the head of the girl sitting in front of you crying over a fictional characters misfortune... as it is probably me.

Ciao for now! x

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  1. hahah I am SO that girl too! I was just watching a tv show and started getting all teary from it, my dad walks in and he's like "oh my god its just a tv show!" I feel ya girl!

    Also, your header is very cute!