Growing Up Doesn't Mean You Have To Stop Enjoying Christmas | Blogmas Day 4

Growing up. There's a lot to enjoy, a lot to be excited about, but equally, you lose the bit of magic which comes with childhood. Since joining the adult world, I've noticed a slight switch in the anticipation of Christmas, obviously I'm not surrounded by fellow child-friends, eagerly awaiting the day Father Christmas comes down the chimney.

As you get older, the attention of the festive shifts, and instead of being excited to receive presents, a lot of us are stressing about what to get people, and how much to spend? Who needs a present? Why are Christmas songs playing in November? What do we do for Christmas day, and how do we afford Christmas day?

I read a blog post recently, called 'Why Growing Up Means You Need to Stop Enjoying Christmas' and to be honest friends, I call BS.

As a grown up, you're not going to enjoy the same things as 5 year old you will, it's natural. You don't want a little jelly alien and a Nintendo DS (pink please) isn't going to solve all of your problems. But if you can't beat them, join them, this time of year is far worse if you fight against the hallmark delights of light up reindeer and instead join your friends and family around the Christmas tree, just ask the Grinch.

Get excited about the taste of mince pies and mulled wine, the one time of the year it's socially acceptable to warm up wine. Get excited about seeing friends and family you only see once a year, and get excited about eating too much cheese with them. Get excited for the Christmas meal your work will definitely pay for, and the tacky £5 secret santa gift you'll definitely throw away.  Get excited about the beautiful lights which make you feel like you're in a film everywhere you go, and get excited for the children who can't sleep on Christmas eve.

Christmas might not be about waking up on Christmas morning to a stack of presents, but it never should've been. It should be about everything else. The build up, the ice skating, the food and the family. Just because you're a grown up, it doesn't mean you don't need to stop enjoying Christmas, if anything, you should be appreciating it even more than five year old you could ever understand.

Love, Alice x