What Love Island Has Taught Us About Love

Oh Love Island, what have you done.

Once upon a (laughable) time, I thought I was too good for Love Island. I was never a soap girl, or Big Brother girl. And I thought Love Island was absolutely not for me.

How wrong I was.

Luckily, Kem and Chris made me see the light. And with Love Island, Love Island After Sun and the unofficial Love Island de-brief at work every morning, I've come to learn being obsessed with Love Island doesn't make me all that muggy.

Don't Be Afraid to Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket
Contrary to popular belief, putting all of your eggs in one basket is what relationships are all about. Obviously it's natural to keep your guard up until you get to know one another, but when you're both sure about how you feel, it's time to make a go of it. Have the chat, get rid of Tinder and place all of those eggs in the best basket for you.

Get to Know Them, Even if They're Your Type On Paper
Have you ever started talking to someone on Tinder, or walked into a club and spotted someone across the dark sweaty club and thought 'yes, s/he's a piece of me.' Well, I'm here to remind you all of those times when you've done just that, and then started talking to them. Looks are all very well, many of us are in our twenties, our 'prime' years - but let's face it, if they haven't got the personality, you don't really want to couple up with them just because of their face.

Catching Feelings, Doesn't Make You a Mug 
Liv, Liv, Liv. There are many lessons we could learn from Olivia this series (see number 5 for #dicksand) but the biggest one of all, is that falling for somebody does not make you less of a human. In fact, it makes you more human. Because you're capable of feeling big things for someone other than yourself. You should be congratulated for being un-muggy. Catching feelings is gooooood, just make sure you've definitely caught them before telling someone.

It's Okay to be Bothered
This is another one a lot of Islanders could learn from. Let's face it, especially the sweet angel that is Chris. Getting jealous is completely natural, and getting jealous when a guy is cracking on with (putting it on) the girl you like, is going to make you a little bit hot and sweaty, let's face it. Stop pretending you're not bothered, it's okay to like people. And be bothered.

Don't Drown in Dick Sand
There are some pretty big questions in the world today - but luckily, I can let you know exactly what dick sand is. As defined by its (potential) coiner, Liv from Love Island. Basically, it's wanting someone. You don't need to be falling for them necessarily. You could be walking up the street and someone catches your eye and - woah dick sand. Or you're in a club and see a lot of attractive men and - woah dick sand. It's everywhere, it can happen anytime, and usually there's no clambering out. Even though you know it probably won't lead to anything good.

Despite my initial reservations, I have to admit, I'm obsessed with Love Island. If this 10/10 dictionary doesn't make you want to watch it, I'm not entirely sure what will. Here's to just one more week of watching Kem and Chris' love blossom, and falling more in love with Jamie every day.

Love, Alice x