20 Moments I Will Remember From Three Years At University

We've had years one, two and three, the hat has been thrown into the air, and on Thursday I became officially Alice Dodd, BA (Hons.) with Politics and International Relations. Bloodyhell.

I thought I probably couldn't summarise my time at University in one post, but before I move onto the next chapter of my life, I wanted to write a post reflecting on the highs of the best three years of my life.

1) Meeting my flatmates for the first time ever and thinking how crazy it is we'd be living together for a whole year

2) Living in fear someone would come and recognise our flat mascot, Susan, a doorstop pig who we adopted in Freshers week

3) Climbing into an industrial bin because I'd dropped Lizzie's room card in it when throwing in a black bag

4) Calling Charlotte at 1am to say I was coming up to her room with free sushi from work and we'd be picnicking into the night

5) When Sophie was walking around with thick black painted eyebrows because she'd missed them when washing off her reindeer costume

6)Zandra and Lizzie coming into my bedroom at 3am and the moment Zandra threw a toilet brush at Lizzie because she didn't recognise what it was

7)My friend Josh's face when we surprised him by sneaking to his 21st birthday party at his home

8) Playing netball on the 2012 Olympic Courts in front of England netball team members

9) Zandra's face when she opened her door on my 20th birthday to find Sophie dripping wet from the sea, Lizzie holding 4 kebabs, and me kissing a boy (woops)

10) Moving into our new house and myself, Lizzie and Charlotte attempting to disassemble and carry a wardrobe down a flight of stairs

11) Peaking too early at Sophie's 21st and all 5 of us lying in Zandra's single bed prep-talking ourselves into going out

12) All of the domino's ever

13) Being initiated into women's football after my first match

14) Squeezing 4 of us into a toilet cubicle whilst we all tried to figure out how best to wee

15) Playing Harry Potter trivial pursuit with my favourite people and thinking my heart would burst

16) Seeing Mollie's Slytherin notebook and realising she was going to be one of my best friends

17) Sneaking onto the students union stage and dancing with Charlotte to a crowd of students 

18) Climbing into Saffron's bed crying because I was so full of love for her 

19) Winning an award for my role as Insanity Radio's Head of Marketing

20) Looking around on graduation day at my 7 best friends, who I'd met on the first day, and realising we'd made it.

My time at Royal Holloway has been truly incredible. I feel like I came into my own, and I can't actually remember my life before meeting my university friends. It's hard to limit 3 years into 20 moments, but I wanted to give it a go. Thank you for being with me since the start.

Love, Alice x