Life Update: Here I Am

I owe you all an apology. It's been almost (although not quite), a month since I wrote a blog post. And that, is quite frankly appalling. 

In light of the fact I haven't written in so long, I thought I would fill you all in on my life so far, what's going on, where I am, why I haven't written in forever, and whether Alice's Antics is still even a thing.

So for the last month, I've been writing my final, giant piece of work which all students in the UK have to write, my dissertation. Your dissertation is basically your contribution to a research topic of your choice, you find a gap in the research and you write a 10,000 word (approximately, this varies) word thesis on your contribution.

Basically, despite obviously choosing a topic I find interesting personally, it's also pretty horrific. Hours and hours have been spent in front of my laptop, and almost none of that, has been for leisure. If you follow me on my Instagram, you'll know that last Thursday, I actually submitted it, and I am happy to report that it is banished from my life. 

It's a weird thing, writing a blog throughout this period of my life, because it's almost like an online diary. I have blog posts from my gap year, and posts from my first year where I talk about my dissertation, or graduating uni. And it's scary, because I'm suddenly here.

I've spent the last 21 years of my life, following the life path traditionally set out for everyone. Preschool, school, GCSES, A Levels, a gap year, and then university. And I've basically spent my whole life leading up to my graduation on July 13th, when the support stops. I will no longer be lead by teachers or lecturers, from here on out it's all me. 

That realisation, is scary for everyone. But I think because of my necessity to write everything down, I find it even more surreal, because for the last 10 years I've been writing an almost-daily diary, and for the last 4 years, I've been writing a blog. So I have a constant reference to how I thought I'd be feeling over my graduation from the perspective of 18 year old me, but now, it's here. 

To combat the absolute enormity of this realisation, I did what any rational 21 year old would do. I gathered together my best friends, and together, organised an end-of-an-era trip to Disneyland Paris. 

So I was dealing with all of this, the daily epiphanies, booking Disneyland, the realisation of forever starting on July 13th, when a spanner was thrown into the works. I was offered a job.

Don't get me wrong, the job didn't come out of nowhere, I'd applied a month ago, had had an interview, I had to write a blog post for them (yes, it involved blogging), and then, yesterday morning, I woke up to a job offer. Like, a real life, adult, oh-my-god-no-more-sleep-until-11am-Tuesdays blog post. And as much as I am excited, because that's it, I'm pretty much sorted. I'm also FREAKING out. Because THAT is IT. I'm pretty much SORTED.

It's safe to say, the last month has been a rollercoaster. And I am sorry for not writing, I promise I am. But as you can see, I have had a couple'a things going on. And I wanted to share it all with you, because you have been there since the beginning. But your gal is growing up, and I couldn't be more terrified or excited.

More blog posts about real things and not just be rambling, will be coming ASAP.

Thank you for being so patient with me,

Love, Alice x