The December Internet Plan

Today is the last day of November. Which actually makes me feel a little bit queasy. 

I have absolutely no idea where the year has gone. If you've been following me for the majority of the year (or more) you'll know it's been quite the rollercoaster.

But enough on assessing the year- that will come in a classic 'oh my god it's nearly 2017' blog post instead. 

So, December. 

If you are a regular reader of Alice's Antics, or in fact are just a general internet human, you'll know the first 24 days of December for almost anyone with an internet space, are dedicated to 'Blogmas'. Blogmas is essentially a post every single day, until Christmas Eve. 

Which, has proved for the last 2 years, to be quite difficult. 

And so, as per, Alice's Antics is doing blogmas.

But I thought to myself, how else can I intensify the stress of life? Deadlines, work, my degree, the radio station, blogmas.... and now this year, I have decided to attempt vlogmas. 

If you didn't know, Alice's Antics is also all about that Youtube life. And for the last 6 months, I've basically ignored Youtube to focus on everything else. So why not come back at the most challenging time of the year? 

Luckily, I won't be tackling this alone, as Saffron will also be vlogging this year for Vlogmas (over here) so we will have continued support and 'pick up your camera and GO' motivation throughout the next three weeks. 

I'm actually really excited for this, although it's my third blogmas, I've never done vlogmas before, so it's going to be very hard work. As with previous years, please do bare with me if I don't post, I'm a very busy bee and the internet isn't my full time job so sometimes I struggle with the internet/life balance, and as it's my third (And finaly- eeeeek) year of University, my degree has to come first. 

Thank you for all of the continued support,

Ciao for Now!