Spain #2, No Carbs Before Marbs

We'll come back to the Paella... I just thought it was a great way to highlight the irony in the blog post title (plenty of carbs were eaten- make no mistake). 

Our hotel in Spain was a little outside Marbella and we were keen to explore the other areas of Spain, but on Friday, we decided to venture into the Old Town of Marbz and it's glamorous counterpart, Puerto Banús. Puerto Banús actually reminded me a lot of the harbour in Cannes, lots of oh em effing gee yachts.

It's a short boat ride between the two resorts, and there's always a little bit of Sangria to go around on the boat too, just to ease the waves... 

Once you arrive, we were recommended to venture beyond the seafront into the Old Town, as that's where the real beauty lays. Obviously it's all in what you want, but I have to say, I completely agree.

And after all of that exploring, you're going to need something to eat, right??? 

Which brings me to 'Farm', an organic, wholesome, traditional Spanish restaurant in Plaza Altamirano. 

We were ploughed with Cava, Aperol Spritz (a fave of mine, although not strictly Spanish), and of course, PAELLA.

Great wine, great food and great company.

I can't believe this was my first ever trip to Spain! 

It certainly won't be my last. The only disappointment I had throughout my trip was only consuming one Paella (although I did have a lot of guacamole and Nacho's to make up for it).

It's all back to reality from now on though. 

Ciao for Now!