Spain #1, Help Me Ronda

I wouldn't say I've lived a sheltered life. In terms of travelling and exploring, I've travelled across South East Europe and I've lived in Italy and France off my own back. For a 21 year old, I'm doing okay. 

Which is why it surprises even me, that until this week, I'd never been to Spain.

And it turns out, I was really missing out.

This is Ronda, it was about an hour from where we were staying in Marbella. 

Rest assured the near-death-experience that is the mountain ascent up to the town, is well worth it. And if the views don't float your boat (how, HOW could they not float your boat) 

The Spanish culture definitely will. 

...And of course, the ice cream.

I was going to do my Spanish holiday all in one, but thought it would make more sense to split the post into a couple of blog posts because it's hard to squeeze how beautiful it's been, into one post! 

Ronda absolutely stole my heart, but it might not be the place to go if you have a fear of heights...

Ciao for Now!