Life Update: Sun, Sea and Still at University

I should probably apologise profusely for my lack of internet contact. If you follow me on twitter or instagram (shameless, shameless plug there), you'll know I'm still very much alive. But admittedly, blogging has been put to the back of my life agenda. It's appalling, I know, and considering I lived in Italy and still managed to maintain a blog, I don't really have any excuse. But working 6 days a week means my days off are filled with excursions and days out and drinking lunches. The good news is, this is only the first blog post this weekend! (Hooray)! Tomorrow I will also bring you a new post, which is less-diary and more life confessional. A list or a bit of insight into my thoughts and feelings on something more substantial than how much ice cream I managed to consume in one day (alot). 

The title of this blog post should really be 'sunburn' instead of 'sun' because yesterday, I managed to lobster myself up. A rookie mistake of the old, 'make sure you reapply suncream post-sea swim'. 

Having never really been one to burn, it was a bit of a shock to the system and lead to actual sickness. That's right, ya girl Alice got sunstroke. 

Which has, admittedly, lead to me not quite living the French dream for the last 24 hours.

And despite being tempted to remain in France forever and never face the Brexit music, I have actually managed to get through my second year of uni. If you've followed this little internet space over the last 12 months, I'm sure you're fully aware my second year was far from ideal, so to have got through my exams with a high 2:1, I was absolutely over the moon. Royal Holloway, I am coming back for you. Filthy legs and all. 

Starting a new job has been tough, not because anyone or anything has made it tough, but because it's nervewracking anyway. Add to that a foreign place, with no familiar faces and a job with tasks you've never actually done before in your life (changing 15kg gas bottles, for instance), I'm not ashamed to say it's been tough at times.

So here's a reminder of things I couldn't do which I can now, thanks to spending the first month here: 
1) I can cycle uphill without stopping (blaming this original inability on the foot break and lack of muscle).
2) I can lift and change gas bottles. Easier said than done.
3) I've woken up at 7:30 to do workouts. A couple of times.
4) I can eat more ice cream than I thought was physically possible for a human.
5) I can speak far better French than I originally thought. 
6) I can put up with and get rid of spiders.
7) I can light a gas over with a lighter without flinching. 
8) I can work through all hangovers. 
9) I can fix lightbulbs, sinks and get under a mobile home without thinking twice about it. 
10) I can drink red wine and enjoy it. For the first time in my life. 

Some of these are clearly more useful than others. But there we go, if your freezer breaks and you need ice cream eating up, you know where to find me. 

Ciao for Now!