A Second Year Summary

NB: Apologies this post isn't on a Monday, but I'm travelling for 12 hours tomorrow and didn't want to skip a day of blogging.

In the summer of 2014, I went on a date. I was about to start my first year at university, and the boy sat opposite me was embarking on his third and final year.

'Just make sure you make the most of every minute, because it goes by unbelievably quickly.' He'd said. And I, being me, had to use all my self restraint not to roll my eyes so far they'd disappear into the back of my head.

The truth is, I never really appreciated, until I became a student myself, just how true that saying is. I feel like I blinked in Freshers week and woke up on June 6th. And now all I can think about is dissertations and becoming a part of the working world.


In September, I moved in with my 4 best friends from my flat last year, and Charlotte who'd lived in the flat above but had essentially become a surrogate member of our flat anyway.

Throughout the year, all of us watched as some of our friends began to fall out with housemates. Fighting over bills, hygiene or just realising they weren't who they thought. But as me and Sophie were discussing over the weekend, we'd never had so much as a domestic. The most dramatic our house got was whose turn is it to buy bin bags.

First term particularly was hard, losing Lenny. among other Dorset-based things meant I definitely appreciated all of the cups of tea and support I was given.

Which also leads me on to the rock of my second year, someone I am sure most regular readers will be familiar with, the gorgeous Saffron.

I could go on and on and on about reasons Saffron was amazing this year, but primarily it all boils down to her unfaltering friendship. From dissecting dates to West End trips, to saving lives, this year has blurred the lines between friendship and relationship (not literally- but it's only in true friend love you can spoon before sleeping and light candles for nonsexual purposes). Even more wonderful, is that through Saffron I am moving into the arms of her friends, and am becoming a member of 25, with 5 brand new housemates. I'd always been friends with them, but during my broken foot life saga, the girls of 25 stood up (because I couldn't) and put me back together on many occasions.

I wrote in my First Year Summary,  about the importance of doing things extracurricular. And although I don't want to write loads and loads and loads, the girls and guys I've met through football, Enactus, and my job have made this year fly by. I went to football tryouts, I managed to be part of recruiting some absolutely amazing new first years to take on committee positions in Enactus and the trauma of having to stage a 'coup' for a rubbish supervisor, meant the girls I worked with became more like family.

The boys above, Elliot and Alvaro, get a special mention for making my second year a better place. If it wasn't for their hospitality of wine-drunk antics, motivation to make Enactus more successful, and reliance on 'throwing shapes' at the Students Union, I'm 100% sure my second year would have been much darker. They also have spent the last year attempting to get onto Alice's Antics, including quoting my blog to friends, so it's about time they got a real mention.

In fact, here's another picture of us last night (when writing this) at our summer ball.

This year has been far harder than I ever thought possible. Physically (obvs), mentally and academically it's probably been one of the hardest 10 months of my academic life. But looking back at these photos makes every single bit of it worth it.

This blog post, if you couldn't tell, is mainly for my own recollection, but I thought it would be nice to share it regardless. I also made a second year video, here.  The lows were very low, but the highs of this year have been some of my favourite days of my (almost) 21 years pattering about the world.

Although this will be posted on June 6th, I'm writing this on June 4th, the day after our summer ball. And what a way to end! I'm so excited for third year, and I have to eat my words, because my date was 100% right. It goes in the blink of an eye.

Ciao for Now!