Afternoon Tea at Chewton Glen

I'm not going to lie, I've been a little bit obsessed with Chewton Glen for a while. It's a luxury boutique hotel, in fact the only privately owned 5* hotel in Britain. And having heard its name thrown around due to being fairly local to me (based in the New Forest, Hampshire), plus watching a lot of vlogs from Youtubers who have paid it a visit, I was determined to make it as a guest one day.

Luckily this day was not too far away, and a couple of weeks ago, my aunty told me she wanted to take me as a 21st birthday treat to afternoon tea at the hotel. Having made her drive me through the grounds on previous occasions, I cannot tell you how excited I was! Finally I could go inside!

As I was lucky enough to be treated to a celebration afternoon tea, first up was (of course) Champagne, they bought out the Taittinger and as it was all very cute we cheersed to my birthday. Definitely not a bad way to start the celebrations!

Just as we were processing the champagne (and getting a couple of snaps) one of the staff arrived with a birthday card! I felt so lucky and at the end of the tea we were also all given a sample to take home of their English Breakfast leaves which was such a lovely thought to commemorate the day. Swiftly after I was given my card, my aunty produced her own present (as if today wasn't enough in itself!) and I felt so overwhelmed and EXTREMELY lucky!

After choosing our tea (Earl Grey for me please), we were brought out tea pots and, the most important part of any afternoon tea, the cake tray! It was laden with sandwiches, scones and the most delectable array of cakes you ever did see. 

Prepare your stomachs.

As you can see,  we're a cream before jam kinda family.

After ANOTHER plate of sandwiches, and more tea, we were so full I thought my top might pop open. Luckily, Chewton Glen is surrounded by incredible gardens and lawns, so we decided it was probably best to walk everything off, to avoid having to roll home. Which became a serious possibility after my last cake.

I keep gushing about it but it was honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I cannot recommend the experience enough and I'm already thinking up excuses to go back! 

I feel so lucky to be starting my 21st in such a wonderful way! If you're ever in the area, Chewton Glen is 100% worth every penny!

Ciao for Now!


  1. Happy Birthday! This looks so great! I cannot wait to get over to england and have real life tea time! :)
    x Kenzie //

    1. Afternoon tea is honestly the best here!!! x