Spring/Summer Goals 2016


I know Spring officially starts on March 20th (in the Western hemisphere for all you Aussies out there), but yesterday I went to the beach at 7pm and it was still light, and today I went out to walk the dog wearing just a t-shirt. So for me, I have decided spring has sprung.

I love a good goals post. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find I'm all 'YES GIRL, KNOCK THIS SEASON DEAD' and then I reflect it onto my own life and suddenly feel motivated to make changes or set goals for myself. So I thought I'd be the one to write this goal post (no apologies for that football pun), and make you feel all go and get 'em. 

Some of them are going to be things you might want to adopt but others are personal to me and is just contextual of where I am right now.

1. REVISE. Please God, keep revising. I only have 6 weeks until I've finished my second year of university, which is terrifying. And sadly, this fact only hits home at about 3am when I'm lying in bed thinking about the prospect of failing... not the next day as I'm pressing the 'Continue' button onto the next Gossip Girl episode. 

2. FITNESS. Ease slowly back into the fitness of at least this time last year. Last Easter, I was running most mornings or going to the gym and playing the odd netball match. I wasn't at any kind of peak physical fitness, but I am finally coming to the end of my foot fracture recovery... which means 17 weeks without any form of exercise. I originally did do weights, but let me tell you, the weights + crutches life is not for me. So I'm going to start by going on long walks to get my foot used to the pressure again and steadily build it up.

3. ACADEMIC GOALS. I'm quite a well rounded person I like to think. I have a little bit of everything going on, but I do feel like sometimes I have my fingers in too many pies. Mentally, I want to narrow down to what I enjoy start thinking more about my future, without crying. In the Autumn term there will be jobs to apply for, internships to take and grad scheme applications coming out of our ears, so it's starting to be important I can at least figure out what I want to do for the 6 months after I graduate, even if it's not the 6 years.

4. VEGETARIANISM. That's right. You read this correctly, I'm going veggie. I actually have been a vegetarian before, but after watching Cowspiracy (more procrastination), all I've been thinking about is the role of the meat industry on the environment. I'm not a massive meat eater so it's not going to be too hard, but my ultimate goal would be to have a plant based diet. That's not a promise of any sort, I could start tomorrow and hate it, but I've spent ages researching all of it and the prospect really appeals to me.

5. BE BETTER WITH MONEY. Self explanatory. I'm moving to France for 3 months so that should probably deter me from spending too much as I'm going to try and put a bit away each payday. But I'm shite with money. And it needs to change asap.

6. MAN DETOX. Tinder is gone. Bumble is gone. At the moment, I feel like dating apps are almost quite desperate. And that says a lot, because I am the queen of dating (not just through Tinder though, promise). Tinder is great if you're on a rebound or are feeling like an ego boost, but does anyone really want the word Tinder in their wedding vows? More to the point, I don't actually want any distraction in the male form at the moment, and it feels very good to write that, #GirlPower.

7. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON COSTA/STARBUCKS. It's my biggest weakness. Never mind shoes, pass me a grande coconut latte.

8. BE HAPPY. I'm actually extremely positive at the moment (despite exams) and I really don't want that to change. It's so hard to be happy in a frame of mind, and currently I'm really content, so I want to find ways to maintain that. Whether it's a long dog walk in the countryside or sitting in with my best friend over a bottle of wine. In the words of Dumbledore, 'happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'.

9. PARENTS. Moving back home for 4 weeks is always testing on any parent/child relationship let's face it. 99.9% of the time, parents do things out of love and care for us. As I've gotten older I've seen my parents far more as individuals rather than 'mum and dad' and that often goes down the drain when you're on top of each other for a while after time apart. Take a deep breath, breathe in, and remember they care.

10. KEEP UP BLOGGING AND VLOGGING. Being a student and maintaining a blog is hard. Being a student and maintaining a blog and filming weekly videos, is killer. I really want to stick at it.

What are your goals for the season?

Ciao for Now!


  1. watch out for gelatin in SO MANY things!
    But yeah, going veggie is great. I've been veggie for about a year and a half now and I feel healthier, better, happier. It's good.

    1. I'm so glad you've seen the positives! I've actually been a vegetarian before so I don't think the transition will be too hard, I would 100% miss fish more than anything else!

  2. These are great goals! I definitely need to get back into working out. It's just so much more comfy laying under blankets when it's cold! I think one of my goals is to get outside and enjoy it more. I feel like I just hurry from class to the dorm to class again. Right now I'm going to say I want to stay vegan (i've just started). Good luck with all of your goals! (sorry for such a long comment I'm so annoyed at it tbh)
    x Kenzie //Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  3. Have you seen Earthlings? I really recommend it as an introduction to the ethical side of going vegan :)