A Trip to West Bay (Broadchurch)

This weekend, my friend Saffron came down to visit me in Dorset. I'd LOVE to say it's because she wanted to see me, I'm pretty sure 80% of the reason was just because she really wanted to come and visit West Bay, aka Broadchurch. 

If you're not from the UK/live under a rock, Broadchurch was a BBC drama which has absolutely blown up since it was first aired in 2013. And I would argue one of Broadchurch's biggest fans (ever), is Saffron.

I gave a guided tour of the little harbourside, pointing out all there is to know. West Bay has only just stopped milking the fame of Broadchurch but it will 100% pick up again when the 3rd season airs. 

The wind was biting and the waves were so big I thought there was a chance we'd be washed away. Luckily we were fine, and spent 99% of our time on the beach re-enacting scenes... we did draw the line at lying on the ground beneath the cliff... but only just. 

Sometimes it's easy to under appreciate places you're used to, but whenever friends come to visit I'm reminded just how lucky I am to live here. We had chips on the harbour side, basked in the tourism and laughed so hard I thought we were going to pass out.

If you want to follow our weekend antics (not just Broadchurch), following from my last blog post, I actually vlogged the entire thing.. so that is terrifying and this is the link.

Ciao for Now!

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend!:) West Bay looks like such a nice place. I love Broadchurch but I still need to watch season 2...I'll catch up when uni lets me aka in summer probably *just a few more months*
    And your vlog was great! I'm happy that you started vlogging, it seems so scary!! So congrats for being brave enough haha I don't think I'd ever be able to do it tbh

    Anna x