February Life Favourites 2016

I wanted to do a bit of reflection. Not too much deep stuff, I'm not going to be soul searching, but just the right amount for you to be like 'Mmmmmmmm, this one was deffo not written in a coffee shop'. 

So, February. Feb-ru-ary. This month I gave up chocolate for 10 days (good),  rekindled my addiction to coffee (bad) and spent so much time in taxis, the drivers now know me by name. I'm not going to do a full on, favourites list in which I whip out all the bad boiz I've bought, because to be quite honest, I am spending so much money on taxis I think I may be keeping the company I use running. 

Things I have found I've loved this month however, do involve...

1) Flat White Coffees. I was always a latte gal. Sometimes a latte with an extra shot. And now, well, constant coffee trips with my housemate Alexandra has led me off the beaten track to that of the flat white. Creamy and delicious, it's my new go to. I'm a convert. Although, it is bloody expensive for a coffee which only comes in one size (small), I hope they sprinkle gold unicorn dust in the milk.

2) Rachel's blog: 'A Little Grey'. Earlier on this month, I hit a bit of a rut. Being so dependent on others to do things for me, help me with everyday tasks and not being able to leave the house without paying a fiver for the pleasure, started to get to me. My university is a bubble, a bubble which I used to regularly escape with trips to London, catch ups with non-uni humans and the general freedom to do as I please. So not being able to leave the bubble overwhelmed me. Last term also hadn't been all rainbows and sunshine, and I started to wonder how much I needed to be at university, if at all. Obvs I'm still here so clearly I didn't drop out, but having the knockback helped me to figure out more of a plan about where I want to be. And when I was browsing the internet (blogs) for life advice of what to do in this turmoil, I found Rachel's blog. Rachel's post is a) amazing and insightful and b) became a gateway to a blog I read a lot *cough when she posts cough*. It also lead to emails and Twitter follows and someone to tweet about the Oscars with until 5am.

Which leads oh so nicely to...

3) Leonaro Dicaprio. That's right, as you just read, I am one of those slightly insane people (dedicated, I like to call it), who decided to stay up for the fourth year in a row and watch the Oscars. And every second dedicated to Leo, made it absolutely worth it. Screen time to both him AND Kate Winslet was almost too much to bare for my poor heart. I love everything about the Oscars, the red carpet, the dresses, the acknowledgements to tiny films nobody really knows exist and the awards for cinematography or for hair and makeup because God knows those people slave away. But I am not (too) embarrassed to admit, when Julianne Moore opened the golden envelope and called Leonardo DiCaprio's name, I, in my bed, tired and emotional, cried. Tears of joy and 'why am I crying tears. And then Leo did his speech and thanked his mum and talked about climate change and oh my god he is just so great I could talk for hours and hours about this. It was all very magical and great.

4) Reading. Not reading scholarly articles about WMD proliferation and Environmental rights, but reading for pleasure. A luxury I have not been able to afford really since starting university. If you've kept reasonably up to date you will be fully aware I recently purchased the Harry Potter audio books and am loving dozing off to Stephen Fry, but sitting in Cafe Nero, coffee in one hand, book in the other, and the internet completely switched off and far away from me,  is extremely underrated. I'm currently reading Leaving Time by my fave contemporary author ever, Jodi Picoult. If you've never picked up a book of hers, you're doing life wrong and should go and do so immediately.

5) 60 Seconds in 47. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have heard my student house be referred to simply as '47' aka the number of our house. Obviously I live here, so I may be bias but our house never really has a dull minute and also is full of questionable conversations. Luckily, my housemate Sophie has started a section on her radio show named 60 Seconds in 47, in which she pieces together different bits of conversation secretly recorded over the course of the week. I've linked this week's snippet into life of the residents of where I live. Unfortunately, the snog comment was 100% me. 

I've noticed there's been a lot of list posts recently. I do LOVE a good list, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about inundating you with so many, it's simply my best (and fave) way to share information with you. February has been an interesting month, definitely a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but the end of the month means it's almost March. In fact, it's March tomorrow! TOMORROW! I genuinely feel like yesterday I was nursing my New Years Day hangover. 

Hopefully once the boot is off next Thursday (after 11 WEEKS!) I will be frolicking in the Spring sun.

Ciao for now! 

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  1. Yes 60 seconds at 47! Woo best radio show! https://www.facebook.com/blbabswithsophieshapter #freePR