Working Hard or Hardly Working

Coming out of studying and into summer is both a blessing and a curse. I had a holiday right at the beginning of my summer, so I knew as soon as I was back home, it was back to the real world, finding a job, earning some money and getting out of that horrendous over draft. 

I was hoping to go to Camp America over this summer, but as always, funding really is an issue so I thought I'd go for something closer to home. And thank goodness I did. This week I finished working at an English language school in Bournemouth, nearly seven weeks of excursions, mini adventures and a whole lot of sitting in cafes whilst the children had free time. Usually I don't record my life in this way, but I thought the last month or so has just been too ridiculously great to ignore, hopefully if any of you are ever in two minds about taking a job like this, you can be rest assured it is completely and utterly great. 

Although the job is swings and roundabouts (if something goes wrong, it can obviously go very wrong), for the most part life has been dandy. Not only meeting incredible colleagues, but incredible kids from all walks of life.

From punting down the river in Oxford, to sports days, to playing games and eating ice creams on the beach, working as a Sports and Activity Instructor is probably one of the best hands dealt when searching for a summer job.

And of course, I can't end this post without writing about the people I worked with. Mainly because this post was enforced by Meike and Katie, but also because working at the school without such an amazing team would have been both pointless and boring. 

(My Ninja Turtle costume took hours to make and Bill and Ben's 10 minute costume still turned out better)! In the words of the infamous David Guetta, we absolutely 'work hard, play hard', and it does in fact feel like partying is sometimes our job... especially when manning the Under 18's disco. 

Sadly most of our contracts are coming to and end, and mine finished on Saturday. So the job hunting for the last month of my summer will continue. But working with all these incredible people in such a great job should definitely be recorded, so this is a little ode to the last 7 weeks.

I hope you're all having amazing summers (or winters, for those down under).

Ciao for Now!


  1. That sounds like SO much fun! What a cool experience! also that girls hair is AMAZING! :)

  2. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do, but I never got round to it! I considered Camp America as well, but the trouble with these things is that you really have to dedicate the vast majority of your Summer to them. It sounds like so much fun though and such a great experience, I've still got one more summer left (unless I get a graduate job instantly) so we'll see!!

    Imogen //

  3. Seems like you have a ton of fun! It would be hard for me to allow working to take up my whole summer, but If it's work like this, I think its okay! ^^
    Minae ♥ Minaekei