Blogging Goddesses, My Favourite Blogs

As a blogger, it goes hand in hand that I read hundreds of blogs. I spend a lot of evenings browsing my bloglovin feed or even just googling keywords I think would be interesting to read about, and through the last year, I've found some absolutely dreamy bloggers. I've never really written about the blogs I read, although I've been lucky enough (and very flattered) to be featured on a couple of others blog posts on this, I thought I'd find the pick of the bunch, those I read no matter what is in the title, and display them all eloquently for you! 

Lily Kate runs one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs around. Beautiful photographs featuring the insanely gorgeous Lily and her ridiculous closet, half of which she makes herself! Alongside all the style posts, there's a massive mix of fitness, ramblings and lifestyle. When I first joined this blogging sphere, this was one of the first blogs I accidentally stumbled across and goodness gracious me has it grown! This little internet space is one of my favourites and to add a cherry, one of Lily's most recent blog posts was on her holiday to Dorset, so she clearly has impeccable holiday-ing taste!

Is there a blogger out there who doesn't read The Londoner? Probably not. Written in a conversational style and filled with little snippets of jokes, nothing makes me feel warm and tingly like sitting down in the evening and reading The Londoner over a cuppa. Based around the esteemed K&C Borough of London, Rosie's blog is a whirlwind of delicious food, drink, holidays and style posts. Through her 'shop' tab I've found new shops and products I would never have come across and all of this whilst being mummy to the gorgeous Mr Custard (don't worry, he's a West Highland Terrier, not a child)! 

The Sunday Chapter is a recent find of mine, when I was going through my writers block, I came across Angela's post on '150 Post Ideas...' and you know how it is, another post appears in the sidebar and then you don't even know how you came across the blog in the first place. Angela runs a blog with a bit of something for everyone, from delicious vegan recipes to her travels Greek Island hopping (along a similar route I did), every blog post is a new nugget of information and The Sunday Chapter is steadily building a mini kingdom, which is utterly deserved.

Kelly- Flat Eleven
Flat Eleven is written by the gorgeous Kelly, a New Yorker who has packed in the big apple and settled herself in London. Although Kelly's blog was originally used by friends and family to keep up with her adventures, Flat Eleven is now read by a solid 300 humans and quite frankly, it should be more. From life goings ons, to style updates, Kelly is running a gorgeous blog and I can't wait for it to blow up safe in the knowledge I was here first (heheheh).

Imogen- Imogen Scribbles
One of the lessons I've learnt since following Imogen's blog, is never click on it when hungry. Because hunger turns into starvation when you're salivating over the delicious array of cake recipes on offer. Most recently, Imogen posted a recipe for chai spiced macarons, have you heard of anything so delicious in your life? I'm desperate to get out the oven gloves and have a go. Alongside all the baking, Imogen also blogs about her every day life as an exchange student in France (although she recently completed her year abroad), and general chit chats and life lessons learns along the way to the wise old age of 21. Imogen's blog is a breath of fresh air and I urge you all to go and take a peak!

I don't want to inundate anyone with blogs, so I thought five would be enough for the moment, but if anyone is interested I can write a second post later on in the year about more blogs I read.

I'm always looking for new blogs to follow, so if you are a blogging human, please always feel free to leave your link for me to check out, or send me an email and I'll always get back to you no matter how busy I am!

Ciao for Now!


  1. I love posts like this, I think you should def do more! It's always good finding new blogs and making new friends! :)

  2. I love these kinda posts and discovering new blogs! thanks for sharing! - here's mine! Funnily enough I was also an au pair in italy like you! :)

    1. Ella your blog is GORGEOUS, and I am so so jealous of your travelling life, I would die to go to America! x