20 Lessons I Learnt Before 20

I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare me writing this post. I thought not wanting to turn older would come when I was 29, maybe 39, and the big 0 was next. It's not that I don't want to turn 20, I can't wait to hit my 20's and experience life on this whole new other side. But the twenties are scary. When you're 10 and you just hit double digits, you know that for the next 10 years you will spend 99% of them in education. You'll probably get your first kiss. You'll have your first drink, your first heart ache and your first job. Twenties are not about your firsts, but they are the years which define you more than any. Just as ten year old me is not the same as nineteen year old me, twenty year old me won't be the same as twenty nine year old me. Except this time, my whole life could be completely and utterly different, and that bloody terrifies me. 

Despite all of this scary nonsense, I try not to dwell on what could be and instead focus on what is happening and what I've learnt. So I thought I'd share some of these with you all.

1) Nothing is more embarrassing than when your parents tell you to not show off in front of your friends.

2) Siblings really do get closer as you get older.

3) There is always a group which attracts drama, try and stay out of it. Drama becomes far less appealing as you grow up, it just takes some longer than others to realise none of it matters. 

4) Never be afraid to smile at people on the street. It takes a while to realise but it's far better to be the person who smiled than the one who didn't smile back.

5) Never be embarrassed to admit you love reading. (Why was I always so mortified by this?)

6) Barry M eye liner will never look good.

7) It's okay to not do what people expect of you. Whether that's staying in instead of going out, choosing a different life path or deciding to go vegetarian. You know yourself far better than anyone.

8) Spend money on days out, travels, holidays and experiences. Not on unnecessary clothes you'll find months later in the back of your wardrobe.

9) Don't waste your time worrying over things you can't help. Panicking over the late bus that's meant to get you to school/work won't make it come any faster.

10) Boys do not get any easier. When you're 14 and you think things in your love life will perk up and be sorted by the time you're 18, do not count on it. They are confusing and annoying. 

11) In reference to number 10, women are not competition, they are your friends.

12) Don't under estimate your parents. It's so easy to forget they were your age once, try to remember they're human too.

13) Never say no to things you want to do, in fear of being judged. 

14) Health really is wealth, even though a lot of the time, health tastes like pond. (Green smoothie anyone?)

15) Distance yourself from toxic people. Sometimes you have to see them every day, but it doesn't mean they need to have an impact on your life. Don't let them, they don't deserve any part of you.

16) No matter how old you are, the school rule still stands. Mates before dates. Hoes before bros. However you want to phrase it, remember who was there first. If your significant other gives you grief about this, I can almost guarantee they are not worth it.

17) Try and get involved in a sport, the earlier the better. It saves weeks of pretending to enjoy the gym when you realise how important exercise actually is (it's not all lies).

18) Yes, drinking red wine might be deemed 'sexy' but it's not sexy when you're throwing up the next day because you don't like the stuff.

19) Every year is going to be the 'new you'. Stop setting impossible goals, work to be the person you want to be, but learn to embrace who you are right at that second too.

20) Sambuca is nobody's friend.

I hope you all had wonderful bank holidays! This post is actually of relevance as it's my 20th birthday in 2 weeks, and I will be tanning and lounging on a beach in Greece so thought I would put this up a bit before! Did any of you find a birthday a bit scary?

Ciao for Now!


  1. I think these are totally true! I'm already 20 yikes. ha I think I'm more nervous depending on the school year honestly, like "will I still talk to the same people?" "will I honestly care if I do or don't?" Soooooo SO jealous you're spending yours in Greece! That sounds amazing! I loved it when I went!

  2. Great post I can definitely relate to all of these! I have no idea why I was embarrassed to like reading when I was younger!

    Bethan Likes

  3. 13 is something I definitely need to learn to stop doing before I turn 20. I've given up on so many dreams in fear of being judged. I'd love to visit Greece!! I hope to visit greece during my gap year, you're so lucky!

    Minae | minaekei.blogspot.co.uk