Blogmas Day 22: Motivational Monday

A lot of blogs do 'Motivational Monday' weekly, keeping on top of their following and ensuring they spread the life of a motivated human being. For Alice's Antics, todays Motivational Monday is a one off,  and I've simply chosen to write it because A) It's Monday, B) I'm feeling motivated. This doesn't come around all that much, I, like most of people at this time of year, enjoy lying in bed until late morning (or early afternoon...) mooching around, doing not much with my day, a bit of crappy telly here, an advent calendar chocolate there. Essentially wasting the day until it's suddenly 2am and you don't know what you've done with the day.

That is the holiday induced comatose state I've been living in for the past week. And it is a charmed life (as my mother keeps telling me), but it's also a completely and utterly unrealistic one too. So today, I've decided to motivate all of us- me, you, everyone and anyone. Because it's so, so easy to turn into a giant christmas pudding at this time of year. And I've decided to refuse to do it. So, after a quick nip into town, christmas cards finally bought, written out and sent, new work clothes bought and the last of the Christmas presents in hand, I ventured to the local coffee shop to indulge in a latte, open up my little macbook and set about to do some actual life planning. Oh, and I wrote this blog post too.

This quote is similar to something I wrote about yesterday in my 'Fourteen Things I've Learnt in 2014'. I've always been the kind of person who says they'll start something and never really does. I make my excuses and put it down to the back of the pile, only to look back and regret not starting it a couple of months later. But in just over a week it will be a fresh start. Whatever they say about New Years, they're the time to start anew. Even if it's not technically true and you are returning to the same job or same school, the new year is the perfect time to mentally readjust yourself. If someone out there is making it happen, there is no reason you can't do it too.

Ciao for Now!

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  1. I completely agree, this is very motivating, thanks for sharing! Have a good day :)
    Hannah x