Blogmas Day 21: Fourteen Things I Learnt in 2014

Minor confession, I actually forgot about todays blogmas. Although I do try to prioritise blogging over some things, I think it's important for it not to always be top of my list, and tonight my family and I sat down to watch a christmas film, something we do every year. Tonight we watched Nativity- have I mentioned before it's one of my absolute favourites? It's one of those ones which you approach with caution but by the end are singing and dancing along! 

So along with it only being 4 days until Christmas day, it's also 10 days until the end of 2014. The END. How did this even happen? I feel like I blinked midway through January and have woken up at the end of December, it's been a crazy year and I genuinely think 2015 can only hold better things, but it has a lot to live up to. Despite 2013 being the year I would call 'the best', 2014 is without a doubt the year I grew up. I may have stopped full time education, but I've learnt so much more about life (oh Alice, so cheesy). So whilst I'm in the reminiscing mood, I thought I'd write yet another list, we know how much I love a good list, about the year gone by. 2014. What a year you have been.

1) If I want to do something, I'll do it, without overthinking letting other people put me off, I've realised it's important to learn for yourself.

2) Take pictures. Lots of pictures. Even if they annoy people at the times,  I always regret it so much if I don't bring my camera anywhere.

3) I work well under pressure. Not necessarily in a stressed out way, but I work far better going to the library for a seven hour day then for one hour each day a week. People work better under different circumstances, I no longer let people dictate how to write or work to me.

4) I am the only person who can define my own happiness. Nobody else will ever care more about me than I do, so make the most of that and put it to work.

5) Sometimes going against the tide is exactly what is needed to find that happiness.

6) Men are even more confusing now then they ever have been. Men and women really are from different planets and getting older does not make anything easier.

7) Nothing makes me happier than reading or writing. I forgot how much I loved writing until I started writing this blog frequently, and I forgot how much I loved reading until I moved to Italy and the awful internet meant I spent my time with my nose in a book.

8) There really is no place like home. I've spent my whole life trying to leave my home and family and break free, I never appreciated what I had. It's not until now I've experienced living away from the people I love and the place I grew up, I realise how lucky I am and how much I love it. 

9) Blogging is bloody hard work. 

10) Despite number 9, blogging is also one of the best decisions I've ever made. No, I'm not a full time blogger and I don't have hundreds of thousands of followers. But I get to interact with the people who read my blog and email me and have chats and I've gotten to know people through blogging, which is all invaluable to me.

11) Cutting out negativities does a world of good. From bad food to bad people. This year, more than any year I have learnt to get rid of it.

12) Being myself is the best version of me. When I was growing up, I spent my whole life living up to the 'popular girls' standards. When I was a teenager, I tried to change my taste in music and fashion to fit in with my friendship group. Even when I was in Italy I bought a packet of cigarettes to make me feel more continental. Why? 2014 taught me the only person you are letting down is yourself. 

13) University is both harder and funner than I could ever have imagined. 9,000 words due in over 2 weeks? Yes. Parties and new friends around every corner? Also yes.

14) People who say you cannot buy happiness have never eaten macaroons. 

So there is my little insight in to the trials and tribulations of 2014. We still have a few days left of it, and with the Christmas season practically surrounding us, how on earth could these last few days not be enjoyable? As per usual I hope your weekends have been lovely! 

Ciao for Now!


  1. I agree with a lot of these. Especially 11 as it had to happen this year for me and honestly, even though it was tough at first I feel so much better without certain people. I have never had macaroons before...and I plan to very soon! :)
    Great post!

  2. These are really great lessons you've learnt, and I especially agree with you being the only person to define your happiness and there being no place like home - two lessons I've learnt this year too! Have a good day :)
    Hannah x

  3. Love this post! It's really nice to reflect on how your year has been, definitely agree about blogging being hard work...

    Bethan Likes

  4. Love this post, I especially agree with the picture one x

  5. At the risk of sounding repetitive as I know everyone else has said it too, I love this post! I particularly agree with 9 & 10 but also the ones about taking pictures and being true to yourself. I couldn't have said it better myself.