Blogmas Day 17: Pamper Night Routine

Occasionally, I get the urge to indulge myself in a night of luxury. These nights have become almost impossible at university, everyone knows the first step to a pamper evening is a bath, and since I don't have one of those in term time, I've been looking forward to my first evening in forever of soaking in a lush product induced daze.

The first thing I do is run the bath and add whatever little extras are necessary to make me happy. Tonight I added a bit of Zoella Soap Opera (despite my Blogmas 15, I do genuinely love the smell of the Zoella products), and I also added Golden 'Fun' from Lush which isn't pictured at all because I stupidly crumbled it before photographing! But the smell coming from my bath with these combination of products was absolutely heavenly.

Next I prepared my relaxation time and got out my comfiest pyjama's and slippers. Post photograph, I hung the pj's on the radiator so they'd be toasty warm for when I got out of the bath.

Once in the bath, I indulge for a solid 45 minutes minimum- it's not pamper night unless you actually pamper yourself! Because my hair is so long and thick, it's impossible for me to actually wash it in the bath, so once I'm ready to become human again, I drain the bath water and have a normal shower. When I was last home my parents took me shopping for uni essentials and I managed to convince my lovely Dad into buying me Aussie shampoo and conditioner... not quite 'essential', but never the less Aussie is my absolutely favourite hair care brand. I'm not too sure what I'll do when I run out!

Once out of the shower, I put my hair in a turby towel and commence on all the skincare stuff. Firstly I shave my legs, an inconvenience but necessity none the less. It's so easy to hide away at this time of year, especially if you're single (cough cough), but nothing beats the feeling of shaved legs and I do love it once I'm through with it. Once they are hair free, I exfoliate them, at the moment I just have a cheap M&S body exfoliator, but it smells delicious, then I hop in the shower and rinse off the exfoliator, towel dry them and apply moisturiser. I'm a sucker for The Body Shop products, and at the moment I have the Madagascar vanilla body lotion. As per usual it smells incredible, and I'm hoping their Christmas Cranberry products will be in my stocking!

To finish off, I follow through my evening skincare routine. I still follow this whenever I can, but the products have changed a bit since the last post. At the moment I'm using The Body Shop camomile eye make up remover, which is incredibly gentile on the eyes and it's the first eye make up remover which hasn't made my eyes red around the outside after taking it off, something I was becoming used to due to having such sensitive skin. I've also added Soveral Spotless Gel to the end of my regime. I went through a stage at uni where my skin was absolutely awful, I had breakouts here, there and everywhere, and as someone with clear skin I just didn't know how to handle it. I tried everything under  the sun and eventually found this on Net-a-Porter. This is now, my holy grail. It is expensive, coming in at £23 for just a 15ml tub, but it does last (I've had mine since the start of November) and if you do have the money then I totally recommend it.

Finally, once I'm dry and content, depending on what time it is, I snuggle down with a cuppa and a blanket and put on a good film, which along with being great for my own sake, also means I can let my hair dry naturally and heat-free. Tonight, Jonny Depp is gracing my screen in Edward Scissor Hands, without a doubt one of my favourite films in the world.

I hope you've all have a lovely evening, it's almost a week until Christmas!

Ciao for now!


  1. This really got me in the mood to relax, and I love Edward Scissorhands too! Have a good evening :)
    Hannah x

  2. These are one of my favorite types of posts! Jealous that I don't have a bath tub.. Sounds like a wonderful evening. =-) // US Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love a good pamper night, is Aussie shampoo/conditioner good? I'm in the market for a better duo to sort out my hair, it's in a bad way! x