Blogmas Day 16: Dear Diary

After coming back with a bang (what a great response to yesterday's post) I thought today would be a bit more chilled out and I just wanted to write a bit of a natter post. Classic old Alice's Antics style. A bit christmassy, a bit about my day. Nothing too wild and very easy reading- so grab yourself a cuppa and put your feet up.

Today's been a day of catch ups, including being reunited with two of my best friends. I spent the afternoon with Molly, being fed and coffee'd by one of the greatest people I know is exactly how to spend a lovely afternoon on the lead up to christmas. I haven't seen her for nearly two months and we had a lot to catch up on! I honestly think there's nothing better than sitting and chatting with friends over lunch or coffee.

Later, I was reunited with Ruth, I actually wrote a blog post concerning her about a year ago now, and it all stands true to this day. The last time I saw Ruth for longer than a couple of hours was New Year,  but we quickly fell back into our usual pattern. After a bit of christmas shopping and a very long Starbucks chat (more coffee- what a surprise),  we decided to cut our losses of extreme overdrafts and go to the cinema to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I am a huge Hunger Games fan, I was bought the first book in 2009 by my dad and since then have loved the series, but what with uni work it took me so long to get around to watching it and I was once again left very happy with the film adaption! Despite hating cliffhangers, I love the fact they separated the last book because there is just so much detail they've managed to include, which they would never have managed in one film only. 

I honestly think there's nothing like catching up over lunch or coffee with old friends to make you appreciate life that little bit more. Especially at this time of year, the weather's cold and it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon and it's just so easy to settle down into comfy positions and wrap your hands around a steaming mug of your choice. 

Despite the break in blogmas, the christmas festivities are well underway and I finally feel like it's the right time of year! The rest of my week is almost definitely looking like it will consist of more coffee and lunch catch ups and a big christmas reunion dinner with all my old school friends. Something I'm super looking forward to as it's been over a year since I've seen a whole lot of them! The christmas tree is now up and all my christmas shopping is now done so the 'stressful' bit of christmas is over, time to gorge on mince pies and watch endless amounts of trashy 'christmas specials'! 

I hope everyone's christmas is looking sparkly and exciting! I'm finally in the real Christmas spirit and have a lot planned for the rest of Blogmas! 

Ciao for Now!

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  1. Coffee and catch-ups are definitely another perk to the Christmas season when all your friends come home for the holidays. =-) Relaxing little post! // US Lifestyle Blog