Who Runs The World?

If you've been a regular reader for a while, or had a cheeky flick through some of my older stuff, you may have noticed I like to think of myself as an advocate for us girls. Not in the sense of burning my bra or throwing myself under a horse, but I just feel we are great and every so often it deserves shouting about. I wrote a post a few months back on Reasons To Love Being A Girl and it was received rather well..... with a majority demographic of teenage to young adult females, I wonder why! Well today, I am yet again hoisting my not-so-small's in the air and have decided to throw out some of my favourite female fictional characters. I'm pretty sure we've all read books or watched films or seen a TV programme and just thought, I bloody wish I was as strong/cool/sassy/awesome as that person. So I thought I'd throw my top women humans out there from the fictional land, and you may find out a bit about me and my terribly cliche taste too.

1) Christina Yang - Grey's Anatomy
Oh Christina. If only I was witty, sassy, hard as a nail and intelligent, then I might give her a run for her money. Christina Yang is (or was, she just left, sob sob) the head of Cardiothoracic surgery in the hospital. She survived a shooting and a plane crash and she's not wet and drippy, and I also have a soft spot for her because her friendship with her best friend Meredith is identical to mine and my best friends. Plus she gets extra points because the actress who plays her also plays Principle Gupta in The Princess Diaries. Let me be you.

2) Buffy Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy was one of my favourite television shows when I was younger. It was on at a time when I was just about old enough to watch it, but still young enough to be scared into believing that Vampires could exist and the entry to hell was probably located in my school. She was my first taste at having a secret identity, normal school girl by day, awesome vampire killer by night and I wanted to be Buffy. There's no two ways about it. But looking back I definitely can't blame my younger self, if only she'd met Edward Cullen and saved us all four films of pain. She'd have been able to kick his ass blindfolded.

3) Matilda - Matilda...
When I was little I felt like Matilda was my spirit animal. I don't have evil parents and none of my head teachers ever threw me out of an open window... and no, I don't have super powers. But growing up Matilda made me feel like it was cool to be a massive book worm, and that is more than I can say for any of my real life friends at the time. I remember going into the local library and being disappointed because there wasn't a massive arm chair for me to sit on by myself and I spent my young life trying to impress librarians with my extensive book knowledge. Matilda isn't your classic hero but I'll always love how she overcame things through reading books. Although more importantly she taught herself telekinesis and messed with all the bad people using her powers. And she ended up living with Miss Honey, another character I desperately  wanted in my life. I still go through stages of wanting to me a primary school teacher just so I can be the Miss Honey of their lives. Before reminding myself my surname is Dodd and it just doesn't have the same ring to it really.

4) Hermione Granger- Harry Potter Series
We all knew she'd come up eventually. Maybe it's because she too was a book worm, maybe it's the fact she was a witch, or maybe it was the make-over in the fourth book that I so desperately wanted in my own life. Hermione Granger was my hero. And arguably still is. Every world book day and every halloween (she was a witch ok) for about 3 years straight, I dressed up as Hermione. She started off as an insufferable know-it-all and eventually she turns into the human who holds it all together. Of course she does, she's a girl. We're fantastic like that. I was about 7 when I read my first Harry Potter Book and decided Hermione Granger was my role model, 12 years later and she still is.

5) Mulan- Mulan
I never ever said I wouldn't include animated humans. They're still fictitious and Mulan, as the poster girl for strong, independent women everywhere, definitely deserves a mention. Not only did she risk her life and defy the feminist laws of her country, she also made a dragon friend and then kicked butt at everything and did it better than any man in the programme. All whilst singing songs. Fantastic.

6) Gabrielle Solis - Desperate Housewives
As an ex-model, gold digging, shallow, adulterous woman, Gabby Solis doesn't exactly scream 'Female inspiration'. And I definitely wouldn't advise aspiring to be like her, because in the real world, you will almost definitely end up in prison. But despite her many flaws, Gabrielle Solis is also (arguably) the greatest house wife of our time. And if you're going to be a house wife, you might as well do it well. Aka, by doing absolutely no chores and living off your pretty-sexist husbands riches. As the series goes on, Gabrielle Solis definitely changes as a character and stops becoming the air head. Partly because of how great she is at winning every argument between her and her husband ever, but also because we learn about her and her past in depth and watch her go through it all. Gabrielle Solis is the kind of woman who would hear about your break up and come over with a giant bottle of wine and a taboo doll. I might not want to be her, but I wouldn't mind if she was my best friend.

7) Tris Prior - The Divergent Series
I had a little bit of a self battle between whether to include Tris Prior or Katniss Everdeen. And even though they're very different people, the similarities are too obvious so I felt I had to pick one and eventually chose Tris Prior. There are several reasons why I just felt like she outshines Katniss (although nobody will ever outshine Jennifer Lawrence). For a start, her boy drama does not encompass her. She shoves aside her relationship with Four whenever she needs to and makes saving her world the priority, then has a little ponder about it later. Plus, Tris immediately jumps into action when things get bad whereas Katniss waits around a bit and has to be persuaded. There are good and bad points about them both and I know people love and are loyal to Katniss, but if anyone else has read both book series there is a small chance maybe they agree that Tris is probably a better advocate for us ladies. She also didn't pretend to be married or pregnant to escape the wrath of a leader, as soon as she was found out, she fought and she fought right until the very end. And that is just really really cool.

8) Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen aka my current favourite woman's hero. I feel like when I was 8 and obsessed with Hermione. Just that now, I'm obsessed with a ruthless killer. Daenerys went from meek, obliging teenager to a fearsome empress. When her older brother essentially sold her to the Dothhraki as a young bride, Daenerys learnt that you must be strong enough to let no man push you around. A feminist mantua that we can all get on board with here. As the series escalated it became clear that if you lay a hand on Daenerys then you will lose it. She also throws herself into Dothraki life, remember when she was pregnant and ate the raw heart? There's also the whole mother of the dragons thing. If the gorgeous, man killing, leader didn't win you over, the fact that she has a pet dragon most definitely should.

This list could be endless. I also went through phases of being infatuated with Olive Penderghast, Callie Tores, Blair Waldorf and of course as I mentioned, the one and only Katniss Everdeen. But I knew I would be sat here all day long just googling pictures of my favourite people, and in the back of my mind I know it's better to get out and live the Italian life than do so. However I really hope you like this post, I know I've had a few lists going on recently so I hope you don't mind. And I'd love to hear your own opinions or anyone you'd add/remove! Enjoy the rest of the week, it's Wednesday so we're almost there.

Ciao for Now!


  1. I honestly don't think I'd like Katniss if it wasn't for Jennifer Lawrence. The majority of the third book is just fuel to the fire of Katniss being annoying and whinny. She does kick some arse though and love her family more than anything which are pretty redeeming qualities

  2. Loved this!

  3. Matilda was always my idol! She still is! This is such a good post, and it's quite refreshing to have a list of role models that doesn't have beyonce on haha! I love that at the top of Matilda and Hermione's agenda was intelligence and thats what makes them super cool!

  4. All I have to say is those are some wicked people and I agreed with pretty much every one of them :D
    I never got to the second book of the Divergent series because I was warned of its apparent horrific badness and all I can say is I think Katniss and Tris both do have good qualities and it's just brilliant knowing that media can produce some amazing characters :D
    I also love Daenarys, I'm on the third season atm and we're just seeing the true warrior come out in Astapor, it's just beautiful!
    I hope that you have a wonderful week! :D