Life Update: Friends, Falls and Desperate Housewives

So here's a not-so-hilarious story, I came up with title of this blog today in a cafe whilst killing a bit of time, and as I came out of the cafe to catch my bus, I tripped up the bus stairs and got wedged between the doors which had chosen this opportune moment to close. A couple of seconds of panicking and passengers shouting up the bus to the driver to open up the doors, and I was freed. And that, my lovely minions, is called tempting fate.

I've done a lot of rambling opinion, quirky posts recently but it's been quite a while since I dipped my toes into the 'Life Update' series, and as my Italian life has taken a turn for the better I thought it was about time tell you about it. Some of you may know that whilst I was in England, the friends I'd made in Italy finished their exchange courses and went back to their various home countries. Meaning that when I returned I was very lonely and very bored. However, last Wednesday I went to a cafe (I spend my life in them) and sat down next to a group of four girls who, to my absolute joy, were all talking English. After sitting next to them, sneaking glances, pretending to read my book and having a massive inner self battle of whether to talk to them, I finally plucked up the courage and said 'um... excuse me... I don't mean to interrupt... are you British?' Thankfully they were all absolutely lovely and jumped straight into conversation with me. Two of the girls were German, one was from England and one was from Scotland and I am pretty sure I said the phrase 'I have no friends' at least twice. Obviously they didn't think I was a nut job though because we exchanged numbers and they have since taken me under their wing and I've been out with them a good few times since. Hooray!!

Whilst on the subject of friends, there is a certain human who has been my blogging savior for the past week or so. Google has not been my friend recently and for some reason my computer blocked me from it, including blogger and youtube. Because of this, last week I had to find a trustworthy friend to get onto my blogger and publish the posts I had pre-written, as well as adding in some pictures I'd sent him. And now this week I am going on holiday to Tuscany, so whilst this is a post written by yours truly, it is being published on demand by said trusted human. Who is this boy? Where can we find one? I hear you ask. Well luckily James just started up his own blog, so if you would like to find him, you can find him here. Please be nice, he's a good -actually fantastic- egg.

The initial reason for 'Falls' in the title, was actually because on the night pictured above, just as I thought things were going really well and I was playing it cool and not being awkward and generally Alice-like, I managed to trip down a curb. And after being heaved up and brushing it off, I decided to just leave it and keep dancing the night away. I actually didn't check it until Saturday night, a full 2 days later. What a bloody mistake. The majority of my foot was a beautiful shade of black, blue and yellow and I decided I should forget the next day's trip to Bologna and rest it. So my Sunday was quite literally a day of rest, and I spent it, quite happily, in a Desperate Housewives Marathon. I acquired a recent addiction to the programme, I just feel like however much I want to be Gabby Solis, Susan Myers is my spirit animal.


As I mentioned, right now I'm in Tuscany with my host family for a short break. As I'm pre-writing this I have no idea what it will involve, but I know they're fairly active so I doubt I'll be doing much relaxing by the pool. Once again I've rambled on and on and on. I'm sorry, please forgive.

Ciao for Now!


  1. Alice! I'm so glad you've found company, it seems so daunting to me to go to a foreign country on your own. I have gap year plans starting September and I'm a little worried about being lonely in a strange country. thank the lord for Netflix, amirite? And yeeaass for Desperate Housewives, one of my secret little guilty pleasures. Xxx

  2. That sounds like a wonderful surprise Alice and it's amazing to know that you can find friends in strangers, effectively :D
    I'm sorry to hear about your foot and James' blog looks awesome so thank you! I hope that your foot gets better and that you have a wonderful time in Tuscany! Take Care!

  3. You've got more guts than me! I don't talk to people unless I have a purpose to talk to them, my school/college friends are busy or faded out of my life and now I don't have anyone proper. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book :)