Spring/Summer Haul

IT'S HERE! This has been sat in my drafts for a good 10 days now, but I've decided to bite the bullet and just publish this bloody post. I don't know why I'm nervous about it, we all know I'm no fashionista, and it's mainly at the request of others that I've made this post. I think it's a bit out of my comfort zone- how can I be witty and awkward when writing about clothes? I can't. So instead I am going to do a classic haul type post, and show you what I've bought and where. I've noticed that in recent months the gals I usually turn to when I watch 'hauls' have either acquired more expensive tastes, or have been sponsored to do the videos. Which is all very well and dandy for them, but as a nearly-19 year old with next to no money, I can't afford French Connection and actually Boohoo's clothes are made for teeny tiny humans which I am most definitely not, so most of the time the fit is very awkward and ugly. So here we have the English classic bargain shops plus a couple of bits I've picked up at H&M whilst living here... it's the only shop I can afford. Hooray!

My shoes and shorts of choice

First up on my oh-so-lovely and newly washed bathroom mat, I have the shoes and shorts. Despite what I said about expensive stuff, I'm also going to be honest and say that I know one of the pairs of shoes are designer and although I shouldn't have to justify myself, I would like to point out that I did not buy them. They were given to me and they will definitely be coming out throughout the summer, so I had to put them into the haul. The Newlook shoes I have worn almost every day with literally anything and I am praying they hold out through summer because I'm in love. The H&M heel boots I think would look really good with tea dresses in the summer to make a soft look a bit more harsh, I would also wear them with jeans or leggings to a meal as they're high enough to look fancy but not so high you look like a try hard. 

Black faux leather strapped platforms- New Look £24.99
Dark grey with black heel zipped ankle boots- H&M £19.99
Patent dark green real leather sneakers with white sole - Dolce&Gabbana EXPENSIVE

Navy blue and white high waiste embroidered shorts £10
Stone wash basic denim shorts £6
Pale blue basic short shorts £6
All Primark

Both these dresses come to just above knee length. The first is in the most beautiful colour! I actually picked it up in December where it was reduced to £10, but I'm sure there will be more come in this season because lace is still very much 'in'. The second is capped sleeve which I love because it really flatters broad shoulders like mine, especially when paired with a scoop neckline. Because I've got ginormous boobs (cry) I often find the 'waist' hem is more like around my chest on skater dresses, but this dress is perfect for my body shape. It goes in at the waist and skims over hips, so is ideal for hour glass or pear shapes I think. 

Blue lace with chiffron lining A Line dress- £10 Topshop
Asymmetric Patterned skater dress- £10 Primark

Casual Tops
I actually bought 3 tops in Primark, but am wearing one right now (pale pink jersey top with dark pink long sleeves) and managed to spill coffee on it before deciding I would write the haul video. Typical Alice move. You might recognise the top on the right from Niomi Smart's most recent fashion haul. Both tops are super comfy and I plan to wear both just with shorts or leggings, nothing too fancy. I love the colour of the blood orange one, but it's a bit big for me so it may turn into a night time tshirt. 

Dark orange wing arm midi top- Primark £5
Light blue lace crochet top with plain back- Primark £5

Cover ups!
These are arguably my favorites from what I bought. The cream lace blazer on the right is perfect to cover up with in the evening, and because it's lace it would also dress up and outfit. The only problem I've found is that I will probably wait to lose a bit more weight to wear it because I carry all my weight on my hips, and the cut off point for this blazer doesn't flatter them at all! However I love it and am adamant to wear it over the summer so will have to put in the work- just another incentive! The kimono on the right has already become a bit of a staple piece, on its first outing I had three compliments on it from strangers! The colours are so beautiful and because I tend to wear dark colours, it makes these stand out. I've worn it so far as an overall with a black dress, and with a black tshirt, denim shorts and my black New Look shoes from above. It just adds a bit of life and colour and I love it. 

Cream Lace Blazer- Primark £12
Wild Flower Kimono/Beach Cover- Matalan £6

I really hope you enjoyed my first haul! It's been highly requested, and I know the pictures aren't professional or anything but I am a blogger not a photographer, sorry! Hopefully this has given you some inspiration and if you like these kinds of posts or want more of them, feel free to comment or email! Hopefully I didn't do too badly, and I am SORRY about the photography, I wanted it to look much nicer but it was almost impossible with the amount of time I had!

Ciao for now! 


  1. Great picks! I love the embroidered shorts and the crochet top - they both look so lovely! :)

  2. Loved this post. I live in Australia and wished so much that we had shops like primark. I live in such a small town that there's not much to choose from! :)

  3. Lovely choices! I have that aztec-y dress from primark and I have to say it's one of the most comfortable things I own!

  4. I love the first pair of shoes you bought.
    I wanted to buy myself some yesterday, but I went for a dress instead. I keep seeing this kind of shoes everywhere on the Internet, I know I won't resist long before having one of my own.

  5. Loving the lacy dress and crop top! Hundred percent agree with Boohoo, I keep getting sucked into buying their clothes and when they arrive they're always such a bad fit on me- dam!


  6. These are lovely! And I think BooHoo is really overrated, I don't particularly like their clothes

  7. lovely haul, you got so many cute shoes. thank you for sharing.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/